Land Rover AVTODOM offers a new option of on-site diagnostic

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There is no more necessity to call a tow, if a car breaks down on a road or near the house. You may use the Land Rover AVTODOM on-site diagnostic option.

Faulty engine of a car is one of the unwanted things that may trap any car owner when they are back from vacation. The malfunction can be determined only after running diagnostics. A lot of electronic components are installed in modern cars, such as video recorders, alarms, satellite anti-theft systems, etc. All of them somehow affect the battery charge of the car.

You may use the on-site diagnostics service from Land Rover AVTODOM for saving your time, nerves and money in case of a breakdown. An on-site specialist will conduct an initial check of the malfunction and take measures to eliminate it. The cost of the service is 8,000 rubles.

None of the official Land Rover dealers has yet offered such a service in Russia. Land Rover AVTODOM is the first dealership that made it possible to get a high quality and modern on-site diagnostics service. Comfort, rapidity and attractive price are the main value of such an option for our customers. It is possible to detect the cause of the malfunction on the spot and, if possible, eliminate it without calling a tow truck with the help of on-site diagnostics. For example, the car doesn’t start because of a dead battery. Our specialist will quickly come to the customer, recover the old battery or replace it by resetting errors in the on-board computer”, – noted Ruslan Uldanov, brand director of Land Rover AVTODOM.

Land Rover AVTODOM is an official Land Rover dealer located in the north of Moscow at 85km MKAD (outer side), 5, building 2. Dealership customers have access to a full range of services for the sale and maintenance of Land Rover cars, car loan, insurance, trade-in and leasing from partner companies and banks. Land Rover AVTODOM offers a wide selection of cars with mileage verified by the Approved certification program.