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A dream achieved with a lot of hard work: buying the dream house. Don’t let this dream turn into a nightmare!

A dream achieved with a lot of hard work: buying the dream house. Achieving this goal is a source of great happiness and, of course, required a lot of planning. But have you already started planning for the change? Well, moving house is a very messy stage.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared 6 tips that will help you with the move!

1. Plan what will be part of the move (use a Self Storage)

Planning when moving house starts with deciding what to take with you, what will be part of the new decor and, above all, what will be useful and will not take up space unnecessarily. This way, only pack furniture and belongings that you are sure will be useful for your new home.

However, if you don’t want to let go of what will not be taken, you can opt for self storage, which consists of renting private boxes in different sizes, according to your need, for you to store your belongings safely.

2. Classify the objects to be packed

When moving house, it is important to separate objects into two groups: fragile and resistant. Thus, the packing process is more organized, becoming a faster task, as well as unpacking all belongings.

3. Follow a pattern: from room to room

To facilitate organization, start packing by rooms, placing objects that belong to the same room in the boxes, also following the fragile and resistant division.

With a marker pen, write on the boxes the room they belong to and a “fragile” or “care” warning for delicate items.

4. Attention to fragile objects

If you choose to hire a company to carry out the Long Distance Moving Services in New York, remember to tell professionals which objects must be packed carefully.

However, if you are packing everything yourself, there are some materials that are indispensable for this task with fragile objects: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and newspaper or kraft paper.

So that objects don’t break inside the box during transport, the secret is not to put too many items in the same box. Between the objects, place crumpled sheets of paper to fill in the voids and absorb any impacts.

5. Don’t skimp on bubble wrap

That’s right, it’s no use saving on bubble wrap and losing your porcelain in transport, all broken. A single layer of bubble wrap may not be enough for more delicate objects such as crystals, crockery, porcelain, etc. (in general, kitchen items).

To ensure nothing happens, an alternative is to buy corrugated cardboard, and wrap your belongings in it after a layer of kraft paper.

6. Protect your home appliances

Televisions, computers, stereos and video equipment in general may not look like it, but they are considered fragile. Therefore, it is recommended to wrap them in bubble wrap and then in a padded blanket. Another alternative is custom-sized boxes, which have styrofoam lining on the inside to prevent them from moving during transport. Still, it is necessary to wrap the appliance in bubble wrap.

Washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, among others, need to be turned off at least one day before moving, as they need to be transported dry.

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