India & UK Sign Agreement for Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications

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The UK and India have signed an agreement to mutually recognize each other’s post-secondary and higher education qualifications. The agreement was signed on July 21, 2022. This MOU would mean Indian senior secondary school or pre-university certificates will be accepted for entry into universities in UK, while UK’s A Levels and their equivalents and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees will be recognized in India.

The deal for mutual recognition of Academic Qualifications also means that UK bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees will be seen as equivalent to Indian bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The memorandum of understanding will include online courses and facilitate courses that offer students the option to partly study in India and also in the UK. Besides, it will come in handy for those who complete a postgraduate program in the UK, which is for one year. It will now be feasible to transfer the credits gained by students.

Recognition of Academic Qualifications will Boost Student Mobility

In a press release, the UK government said the agreement will make universities in UK even more attractive to Indian students and will likely provide an economic boost. It will be beneficial to the UK of welcoming non-EU students is estimated by industry to be around 109,000 pounds per person.

The agreement will increase the potential for UK students to travel to India for studies and open the door for institutions to develop courses that can be offered in both countries. The agreement would also make a way for greater mobility for Indian students to opt for postgraduate courses in Britain.

More Job Opportunities

The agreement will allow Indian students who graduate from UK universities to apply for postgraduate qualifications or undertake government careers that require university qualifications when coming back home. However, professional study degrees namely engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and architecture will not be included in the agreement.

The UK and India also signed MoUs executing Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP). This commits to creating a task force to provide opportunities for Indian nurses and nursing associates seeking to train and work in the NHS. Also, to renew a commitment for mutual recognition of the Seafarers’ Certificate of Competency.

It is a landmark, historic agreement that has been many years in the making. Qualifications received from both sides will be recognized on both sides, making it easier for students to advance in education and move into jobs.