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Today, when we talk about products which cater to the best intimate hygiene products for women, Sofy always tops the list. Ever since the introduction of Sofy soft period pads in the market, more and more women have replaced their regular products with them as they have experienced the benefits with every use. Starting from period day products to non-period day products, Sofy has expertise in each category. With the aim of being the one stop solution, Sofy truly strives to cater to products to you which will not only meet your needs but also give you some extra care and comfort.

With a successful attempt to make the best sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners easily accessible to the maximum number of women, the brand caters to the products at such an affordable price range. The affordability makes it a lot easier for women with different budgets to access them and experience the benefits. Besides, they are easily found on both online and offline stores today for you to get your hands on them without having to search. Sofy has also priced all of its products at very affordable rates which make them easily accessible to women with different budgets. This way, they can have access to an exceptional quality feminine hygiene brand without having to put much effort on their end.

Below are the must have Sofy products:

1. Sofy Antibacterial Pads:

As the name suggests, the Sofy pads in this variant come with antibacterial properties in them. They are created with a special green sheet on top which is created with natural ingredients and can give up to 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. When you put these napkins on, you will also get long lasting hygiene all through the day. You can also rely on these pads for when you sleep at night and experience the most blood flow. The price of these antibacterial pads is very affordable and therefore, fits all budgets.

2. Sofy Overnight Pads:

As the name suggests, these pads are created to give protection especially in the nights. Many women experience sleepless nights during periods as they often wake up to a stained bed. This happens because they try staying put all through the night to avoid any leakage. Therefore, these napkins are created with some unique qualities in them which make the napkins stay attached to your body so that the blood drips only on it and not on your clothes or bed. You will also find sofy overnight sanitary napkins for better comfort.

3. Sofy Panty Liners:

Talking about non-period day products, panty liners are a great choice. Sofy has introduced two different variants of panty liners such as – Daily fresh & Antibacterial. If you are prone to catching infections, then you need the antibacterial variant and for regular support, pick the daily fresh variant. The sofy panty liners online also come with a subtle fragrance in them which takes care of your vaginal odor and keeps you smelling fresh at all times.

4. Sofy Menstrual Tampons:

Tampons are another amazing method of sanitation during menstruation. Sofy caters to two different variants of tampons – Regular & Super. Use the super when you have a heavy flow and the regular during your light flow days. Both these variants have a finger sized absorbent core in them which gives you several hours of absorption keeping you dry, fresh and clear of staining or leakage. You will also get an easy to use applicator with both these variants.

About the Company
Established in the early 60s, Sofy has spread across a lot of countries and has been active in the feminine hygiene industry ever since. With the aim of providing the best comfort to women during periods and eliminating all their period problems Sofy has successfully carved a niche in the menstrual hygiene industry and become one of the most reached out brands by women today. Be it period day products such as the Sofy pads, tampons etc. or the advanced technology products for non-period days such as pantyliners, Sofy always sells the top quality feminine hygiene products for women all around the world. Sofy promises hygiene, good health, safety and worry free chums.