DDM MACHINERY Introducing Alu Flex Duct Forming Machine DMSR-600

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They are supplying flexible aluminium duct forming machines. The aluminium tube is commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, ventilation, and HVAC system. The stainless steel wire inside can hold the flexible line in shape to make the tube flexible. The latest designed flexible duct forming machine has a tight form and tiny oven and is more straightforward for transport.

The DMSR-600 Aluminum Flexible Duct Forming Machine looks outstanding and has a simple structure. This machine can make One layer of the Aluminum tube with steel wire and a Double layer of the Aluminum tube with steel wire. This machine is simple to operate, has fast and steady manufacturing of high-performance, and the smooth overall look of the product. Their product can fulfill our customer’s satisfaction.

Flexible ducts employ steel wire as the supporting structure and are primarily installed in high-rise buildings to be used as venting ducts in central heat and air systems. However, they are also widely used in air purifying systems and kitchen smoke vents. Flexible ducts are produced by stretching the aluminium fill and then pushing it together in a spiral pattern.


1. Duct is built of the alu limited with the polyester. It was designed especially for the ventilation, air, and air conditioning market.
2. It has the advance of no need to use particular tools for cutting or fixing. It emits toxic gases at high temperatures and is fire resistant.
3. Machine is composed of wire decoiler, heating oven? main machine, auto cutting, run off the table with pipe compressing

Feature of finished ducts:
Temperature resistance: -30°C-140°C
Max. air flux: 30m/s

Max. working pressure: 2500Pa

The pitch between corrugations: 20mm

Raw Material?metalized PET film, 0.023mm, width 40-60mm, Steel wire 0.8-1.4mm dia.

Total 2 layers / Option : 3 Layer

1st layer: Alu Foil ( 10um?

2nd layer? Polyester ?15um?

3rd layer: Fibre Scrim ?option)

For more information, visit: https://www.ddm-china.com/product/alu-flex-duct-forming-machine/