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Geneva, Switzerland – 19 July 2022. Today the international, non-profit, unaffiliated Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) standards developing organisation has concluded its 22nd General Assembly. Among the outcomes is the publication of three Calls for Technologies supporting the Use Cases and Functional Requirements identified for extensions of two existing standards – AI Framework and Multimodal Conversation – and for a new standard – Neural Network Watermarking.

Each of the three Calls is accompanied by two documents. The first document identifies the Use Cases whose implementation the standard is intended to enable and the Functional Requirements that the proposed data formats and associated technologies are expected to support.

The extended AI Framework standard (MPAI-AIF V2 will retain the functionalities specified by Version 1 and will enable the components of the Framework to access security functionalities.
The extended Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC V2 will enable a variety of new use cases such as separation and location of audio-visual objects in a scene (e.g., human beings, their voices and generic objects); the ability of a party in metaverse1 to import an environmental setting and a group of avatars from metaverse2; representation and interpretation of the visual features of a human to extract information about their internal state (e.g., emotion) or to accurately reproduce the human as an avatar.

Neural Network Watermarking (MPAI-NNW will provide the means to assess if the insertion of a watermark deteriorates the performance of a neural network; how well a watermark detector can detect the presence of a watermark and a watermark decoder can retrieve the payload; and how to quantify the computational cost to inject, detect, and decode a payload.

The second document accompanying a Call for Technologies is the Framework Licence for the standard that will be developed from the technologies submitted in response to the Call. The Framework Licence is a licence without critical data such as cost, dates, rates etc.
The document packages of the Calls can be found on the MPAI website (
Those intending to respond to the Calls should do so by submitting their responses to the MPAI secretariat ( by 23:39 UTC on 10 October 2022.

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