Free Online Class For Autistic Kids Teaches Neural Reorganization Exercises

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Are you struggling to help your child learn to regulate strong emotions and build better focus and concentration? Perhaps you’ve tried other methods with little success? These Neural Reorganization experts have developed and taught simple and easy strategies for behavioral improvements for over 20 years! Their methods are proven to really work! What’s more, the BrainWorx specialists know and understand where you’re coming from. They support you from personal experience as parents and relatives of individuals with ADHD, autism, and other sensory processing disorders. Alongside helping your children to flourish, their methods alleviate fears and anxieties for parents. They’re offering a free, on-demand workshop for parents, families, and educators just like you. Not only that, but you can also get a free 60-minute personalized consultation worth $250!

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The workshop helps you to understand the root cause of what is causing your child’s behavioral tendencies and teaches exercises to promote brain development. The techniques were developed by Alma Galvin – a Neural Reorganization (NR) practitioner, and parent of two children diagnosed with learning and behavioral challenges. She shares a first-hand account of how they helped in her own children’s behavior management and empowered them to realize their full potential in life. According to the CDC, the rate of US children diagnosed with Autism has been increasing over the past 2 decades. it is currently estimated that 1 in 44 children aged 8 has Autism. The number of children diagnosed with ADHD increased by 42% since 2008 and currently stands at approximately 6.4 million children in America. Early diagnosis and intervention support healthy daily functioning and wellbeing. This is because young children’s brains can change more quickly, leading to the faster uptake of positive habits and routines.

BrainWorx programs focus on re-organizing the brain through scientifically proven techniques to manage big emotions and promote greater calm and self-regulation. Exercises taught in the workshop include the stimulation of acupressure points and self-adjustment techniques to calm the fight or flight response that sets in during meltdowns and stress. They promote emotional regulation, focus, and concentration. The exercises are easily guided and simple to perform. So you can both practice them for yourself and teach them to your kids. In addition to the workshop, BrainWorx runs a variety of programs for children, families, adults, and teachers. These include a 5-day Calm and Focused Toolbox training and the BrainWorx Advanced Program. BrainWorx is a non-profit educational organization founded by Alma Galvan and Bob Dietrich. It is committed to delivering educational programs to help children and adults overcome behavioral and learning differences through the BrainWorx Method. For over 20 years, workshop facilitator Alma Galvin has helped children and families accomplish the same results that she did with her own children. Public speaker and host Bob Dietrich was inspired to join the BrainWorx mission through his experience of having a parent with ADHD. A clinician said: “BrainWorx is the most integrative, functional, supportive program that I have experienced in my 40 years as a psychologist, educator, and clinician. Every person that I have known to have participated in it, has gained enormously.”

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