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In the modern marketing landscape, B2B companies have it tougher than B2C companies due to the nature of the market. To be successful in this place, companies need to identify challenges and effectively plan and overcome them. In this day and age, B2B businesses need an effective partner to help them in expanding business activities. This brings us to Persuade, a strategic business advisor in South Africa.

Introducing Persuade:
Persuade was founded in 2017 by Jared Koning, a veteran in educational media and marketing, and has now become one of the most trusted lead generation partners in South Africa, working with over 30 of the country’s biggest and most trusted brands and companies. Persuade has performed exceptionally well in 2020, a year where business was deeply affected due to the pandemic. In spite of such conditions, Persuade has helped many of its clients grow with ease and predictability.

Persuade has won many accolades, such as being declared the best lead generation agency in South Africa in 2021 by Mea Markets. Persuade has also built a pipeline of deals for their clients in 2021, worth around R140 million rand. The company has helped its clients averagely close 15% more. As an expert in African outreach, its client base is spread across 35 African nations.

Services that Persuade offers:

Persuade provides B2B companies with all the tools and services they need to expand their businesses.

• Lead generation
Persuade can provide a calendar full of sales opportunities to any B2B company, giving them more time to focus on other affairs. To provide in-depth insight into lead behaviour, the company also conducts conversion research as well.

• Market research
Persuade can provide their clients with competitive intelligence data which can help them stay ahead of the competition. This can provide companies with targeted, efficient and comprehensive research information.

• Appointment setting
Persuade assists their clients in filling their pipeline with qualified leads that have high potentials to get converted. As soon as the client makes a contract with Persuade, it begins the process of lead qualification.

• Business database
Persuade can provide customised business databases according to what clients need. This makes Persuade, ideal for companies and brands that are introducing a new business or expanding an existing one. This is an easy and cost-effective way for brands to expose their products and services in front of mw customers.

Persuade has slowly carved out a reputation as being one of South Africa’s most successful lead generation agencies and has offered its services to a multitude of B2B companies. To check out what they have to offer, visit

About Persuade
Persuade is a South Africa-based business strategy advisor company that offers numerous services related to lead generation.