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Neil LaHurd
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AccessHealth takes the opportunity to proudly offer healthcare services for senior citizens and stay-at-home individuals. It includes a comprehensive medical checkup for viral diseases to long-lasting chronic sicknesses. You can use this facility by booking an immediate visit or scheduling an appointment later on. Like other routine medical checkups, it works best for emergency needs. Since they visit you at a flexible time and place, the visiting doctor is the best option for many busy and needy people, even for visitors who don’t have information about the local areas. Their doctors are committed to providing high-quality medical services within the comfort of your home

Working in the healthcare industry for several years, Neil LaHurd at AccessHealth is a qualified doctor who provides dedicated health services to patients. He is a well-equipped medical practitioner who deals with various health issues like flu, cold, fever, minor injuries, viral infections, heart problems, and several follow-up diseases. He uses cutting-edge medical technology to detect the root causes and diagnose the actual reasons for different conditions. He spends sufficient time with each patient to study their conditions and analyze for effective and long-term treatments.

No doubt a doctor’s visit in your own home is a blessing, especially when travelling a long distance and waiting for a longer period is not easily possible for you. In comparison with a hospital visit, the home service of healthcare providers has various benefits that you can enjoy. The first benefit is that you stay in your comfort zone and gain access to all the medical facilities you deserve. At home, all caregivers are dedicated to your care and give you the attention you need to recover.

AccessHealth medical practice provides easy access to healthcare services when and where you need them. By diagnosing the root causes, the doctor treats a range of any health issues at nominal charges.