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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But honestly, the new diamonds found in Bid Global’s collections are everyone’s best friend. From large, round-cut stud diamonds, traditionally considered the most popular diamond to use as a symbol of love, to new diamonds and colored studs. There are natural diamonds. Rough diamonds. Diamonds in stunning settings. They’ve got the works. Not to mention the other luxury items available – unique jewelry, sumptuous gemstones, and lavish timepieces. There’s something for everyone, and every single item is, quite simply, a work of art.

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Buyers and collectors can expect to choose from an extensive range of diamonds, jewelry, and luxury goods at the auctions. With hundreds hosted annually in major cities like Hong Kong, plus ongoing live online auctions, Bid Global has carved a deservedly reputable name in the last 20 years. Purchasing diamonds and jewelry at auction has grown in popularity in recent times. With many auction houses moving to increase their digital sales during and following the recent pandemic, buyers are more confident than ever when it comes to purchasing online. Bid Global has amassed a worldwide customer base over the last two decades, with many returning clients. By the way, want to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to purchasing diamonds?

Then check out Bid Global’s article explaining the universal method of diamond assessment here:

You can count on all jewelry from Bid Global having a certificate of appraisal and confirmed authenticity from certified gemologists. Diamonds also have the GIA certificate number laser-inscribed on the girdle. The company, which spans three generations, deals directly with diamond cutters that extract rough diamonds from the mines rather than with large extraction companies. This means that you, as the customer, are always getting the best price possible. Simply put, Bid Global is an auction house that puts customers first, even when it comes to profits. What a refreshing change. Established in 1997, Bid Global International has garnered a reputation for integrity, experience, and industry knowledge. It is the owner of exclusive rights to work with the most prominent leading diamond cutters and authorized bulk purchasers of rough diamonds. One satisfied client commented: “This was my first auction. I was very nervous about buying a diamond online. My worries were put to rest as the company responded to questions promptly and kept me up to date on timing and shipping. Everything arrived as anticipated. I was incredibly impressed with the presentation and attention to detail.” Bid Global International is the name on everyone’s lips right now when it comes to trusted auction houses online and on-site.

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