Best Seniors 401k Rollover Guide For Retirement Savings With Precious Metals

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Do you know how shoe stores diversify their portfolios?
They invest in socks.
Okay, I know that’s not the funniest joke, especially with the stock market the way it is today – most experts wouldn’t consider stocks a great way to protect your savings anyway.

However, there is one great way to diversify your portfolio that’s tried, tested, and true for centuries, with no reason to think that it’s going to change anytime soon. That’s gold. This new guide from Gold IRA Etc. examines the top American precious metals brokers that are approved by the IRS, with a focus on their 401k rollover services and tax-protected investments.

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The gold IRA options examined in the new guide allow you to invest in bullion, coins, and industry-approved gold bars, as well as other precious metals. While the metals offered by each broker may vary, many offer gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. The guide has been recently updated to include changes made to each broker’s ratings, services, and reviews in 2022, by both customers and organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, and the Business Consumer Alliance. The guide only details the top brokers, with 9 out of 10-star ratings or better.

Goldco, the top-recommended precious metals broker on the updated list, has been a popular investment service for retirement savings since 2006 and is particularly well-known for its customer service and expertise in helping clients roll over their savings from a 401k. However, the guide shows that they may not offer as many investment options as some of the other top brokers, and they do not provide platinum or palladium. Birch Gold Group, another of the top-recommended brokers, does offer platinum and palladium, as well as the traditional gold and silver, in a range of options including coins, bars, and rounds. The guide suggests that Birch Gold Group may be an excellent choice if you are looking to invest in palladium, which is currently trading at a higher rate than gold, but is also known to be more volatile. The guide also contains information about several other precious metal brokers, including Regal Assets and Augusta Precious Metals, as well as details about the benefits of gold IRAs and other investment options.

A spokesperson for Gold IRA Etc. said, “Precious metals tend to be very well-protected from irregular events such as stock market crashes or inflation, therefore, it is a wise idea to diversify your investment portfolio and spend at least a portion of your savings on a gold IRA.”

Inflation, market volatility, geopolitical turmoil – none of these are things you should have to worry about when planning your retirement. That’s why gold has always been such a popular investment choice, because it’s steadily risen in value for centuries, offering peace of mind to investors, as well as a slowly growing financial asset.

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