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Sesame Access Systems ( is an award-winning company that provides a bespoke DDA lift. These lifts are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers, and they are made with only the highest quality materials. With their products, customers are guaranteed to have long-lasting lifts.

This company offers a wide range of lifts that are perfect for Listed Buildings and iconic properties. They offer flawlessly finished lifts of the highest quality and reliability. Their team loves to work with architects because it allows them access to the most creative ideas. Whatever designs customers need, their team is capable of making it a reality.

One of the most sought-after services they offer is their invisible wheelchair lifts. These lifts are perfect for preserving the architectural integrity of a building while still providing access to those who need it. They are completely undetectable, making them perfect for use in historic or iconic buildings. Their lifts have been approved by English Heritage and Heritage Scotland, making them the perfect choice for those who need to comply with strict regulations. Their lifts can be found on some iconic buildings all over the world, such as in the Bank of England and in the Sydney Opera House.

All their lifts are fully in compliance with the British Standards BS6440:2011. They also have CE marks, which is a vital sign of a product’s observance with EU legislation and allows free transport of products in the European Market.

Sesame Access Systems is committed to providing the highest quality of products possible. Their talented team has the necessary experience, training, and knowledge to create lifts. Their goal is to eliminate restrictions for disabled people in public or listed buildings. According to them: “All our bespoke lifts are designed specifically for each building and are hand made by our talented engineers in our workshop in Surrey. Our world class design team have an obsession for innovation and design, and we believe we are at the cutting edge of what’s possible for disabled access solutions”.

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About Sesame Access Systems

Sesame Access Systems is a well-known company that offers a wide range of lifts that are perfect for Listed Buildings and iconic properties. They offer lifts that are flawlessly finished of the highest quality and reliability. Their dream is to have a person has the freedom to access any building without barriers. With their products, they have helped many people who have disabilities to be independent and have better mobility. For enquiries or concerns, you may fill out their contact form at You may also reach them on 01784 440088 or