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Dogs, like humans, require adequate activity to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. When dogs aren’t getting enough exercise, they get bored, sluggish, and unhappy. This can take the form of destructive or aggressive conduct. Off-leash exercise is one of the most fun periods of the day for dogs. It allows them to move at their own pace, usually resulting in a longer, more entertaining stroll and the opportunity to explore their surroundings. This exercise should be performed in a confined space, such as a fenced yard, or in an open area where dogs cannot rush into traffic or become involved in a dangerous situation with other animals or humans.

Visit to learn more about their off-leash exercise service. Dog owners in Burlingame, CA can trust Paws Dog Camp with their beloved pets. The camp offers off-leash exercise for dogs in a multi-acre privately owned facility known as ‘The Ranch,’ where they can play and mingle with other pups in groups. If owners don’t have time to walk their doggies or are concerned about safety in public dog parks, The Ranch is a great place for the pooches to mingle and enjoy their doggy fun in a safe, open environment. Dog sports activities like off-leash exercise has three major benefits: Physical Fitness – Physical activity is essential for keeping dogs healthy and preventing health problems. This is especially true for pups who need a lot of activity.

Off-leash training is an excellent way to keep doggies fit and active. Swimming, fetching, hiking, and letting them play with other dogs off-leash are all great ways to let off steam. This is a fantastic way for them to relax and stay calm. Mental Wellness – Dogs are taught that they are inferior when they are kept on a leash all the time. This hinders their freedom and prevents emotional and intellectual development. In some pups, it can also induce mental difficulties like despair, aggression, and disruptive conduct. When they stay off the leash, it teaches them to behave correctly and develop analytical and social abilities.

They can go on adventures, learn new skills, and get a better understanding of their surroundings. Trust and Collaboration – In order for dogs to obey their owners’ directions, they must have a positive link with them. Off-leash exercise will assist pooches in learning crucial commands that will protect them from harm. This allows owners to engage with their dogs on a regular basis in order to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship.

As a new customer, dogs are required to undergo pre-consultation inspections before visiting the Ranch. This practice is in place to keep the environment safe for all dogs. Dogs can freely roam the camp and socialize with other dogs in the vast, open space (which is sprayed and mowed on a regular basis to keep ticks away). Rest assured that the Ranch’s staff are well-trained and insured to look after the pets, thanks to the Pet Sitters Association. It’s no surprise that clients consider Paws Dog Camp to be their dog’s second family! Joanie, one of its customers and owner of dog Maisy, said, “It’s like having a family member watch your dog for you! After five years, my dog loves Trina more than she loves me!” Want to learn more?

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