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Selling a home may seem overwhelming, mainly if you are doing it for the first time. However, if you lack the necessary experience, you may not know where to list your property or how to set the appropriate price tag. That’s where it becomes crucial to hire a real estate agent Bexley.

Real estate agent services can be invaluable in your home selling journey. A good agent will be with you every step to help you get the best deal. Read on to learn about the different services and duties of real estate agents in home selling.

Services/Duties in the Early Stages
Early on, there are several key advantages of consulting with a real estate agent, even if you are not ready to list your property for sale yet. You can:

• Ask them for a property valuation.

• Discuss sale method (privately, tender, or auction).

• Discuss whether they have a buyer looking to buy a property like yours.

• Get a sense of market conditions.

• Discuss whether you should make any improvements to your property.

• Determine the best time to sell your property.

• Understand similar properties and competition in your area.

In the Weeks Leading Up to the Sale
A real estate agent will understand if you want to be involved in the home selling process. Whether you are involved or not, here are some of the real estate agent services you can expect to receive:

Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

In the weeks leading up to your property’s sale, your agent will take care of organising a marketing campaign for your property. This usually includes:

• Advertising your property in the press.

• Listing your property online.

• Organising videography and photography.

• Distributing brochures.

• Organising a signboard for your property’s front.

Preparing Your Home for Inspections

Your real estate agent will know what buyers in your neighbourhood are looking for in a house/property. Therefore, they might make some recommendations, e.g. home staging, minor touch-ups, repairs, etc., ahead of inspections to help you ensure that your property will impress potential buyers.

Organising Inspection Times

Your real estate agent will organise 2-4 inspections. These can be private or public. Conducting inspections on your own can be very challenging and time-consuming. For the best experience and results, it is recommended that you leave this task in the capable hands of your real estate agent.


If you decide to sell your property yourself, you risk selling it at a lower price. An experienced real estate agent will do everything possible to get you the best deal. After all, the highest selling price of a property is in their best interest too.

Preparing the Paperwork

Your real estate agent will take care of all the paperwork. Then, they will draw up the Contract of Sale for you and prepare you for your property’s transfer.

These are some of the real estate agent services and duties you can expect to receive when selling a property. Once you have sold your property, it is recommended that you maintain a relationship with the agent who helped make your home selling experience hassle-free.

A real estate agent Bexley can help you in future transactions, and you can help them by referring them to your colleagues and friends who are looking for a reliable agent.