The 3 most important aspects in personalized t-shirts with embroidery

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Below we will mention the 3 most important aspects to take into account when it comes to a personalized shirt with embroidery.

Embroidering a t-shirt is not just anything, but if you pay all the necessary attention to these points you will end up with an embroidered t-shirt that will look good and be very comfortable to wear:

• Choice of design. When you Embroidery Services in Dubai, the weight of the thread and the density of the stitch tend to pull the fabric inward. This inward pull is counteracted by stabilizing the shirt before sewing; however it is important to avoid this by choosing the design correctly, considering the number and types of stitches to be used in it. A loose design, with open spaces, allows the fabric to show through while still feeling light and comfortable to wear.
• Fabric Consideration. In general, the fabric content of a shirt does not make a difference during the embroidery process, however there are several variables to consider:
• Needle and thread. Always use a ballpoint needle when embroidering on knits. The rounded tip will penetrate the fabric between the fiber strands instead of piercing them. Always choose the smallest needle suggested by your thread manufacturer, so that the hole made by the needle is as small as possible.
• Correct stabilizer. The stabilizer helps the fabric resist needle penetrations during the embroidery process, while keeping the project in place. For a knit or stretch fabric, the phrase stop wiggling comes into play, so the use of an adhesive stabilizer can be ideal.

This works in conjunction with and as a backup to the stabilizer you chose earlier. The T shirt printing in Dubai must be placed so that the garment and the stabilizer lie flat on the hoop, without stretching in any direction. Regardless of the type of hoop you choose, remember not to stretch the knit; otherwise the shirt will pucker around the design.

Know your craft and don’t limit yourself. Make the right decisions regarding embroidery supplies, machine settings, and stabilizing lightweight knit fabric. Set your machine correctly, check the upper and lower thread tensions, if the tension is over the press, the stitches will be too tight, stretching the thread and possibly distorting the fabric or design. Loosening the bobbin and thread tensions will fix the problem.