Global Bone Void Fillers Market valued at $3.5 billon (2022), is growing at a decent CAGR of 6%

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A bone void is a cavity in bone that results from a failure of the bone’s self- healing process. Healthy bone tissue can be lost or damaged as a result of infection, trauma, tumors or orthopaedic procedures. A bone void filler/graft is a material used to fill a bone defect or a void to correct these conditions. Bony voids can be filled using autografts, allografts, and synthetic grafts.

Increasing number of bone fractures and people suffering from orthopaedic disorders is poised to drive the growth of the bone void fillers market

As the world population ages, the number of people suffering from orthopaedic disorders is rising day be day. In US, 1.5 million people are diagnosed with osteoporosis each year. Further, according to International Osteoporosis Foundation, the number of osteoporotic fractures in Europe (EU27, Switzerland and the UK) would grow by 25% and reach $5.3 million in 2034 from $4.3 million in 2019. The growing number of fractures and orthopaedic population would propel the demand for bone void fillers.

Antibiotics-based bone void fillers to offer numerous growth opportunities in bone void fillers market

Infection is a major problem after orthopaedic procedures and may lead to serious consequences. Owing to this, leading players are focusing on launching bone void fillers formulated in combination with antibiotics. In June 2021, Elute, Inc. received authorization from the US FDA to use its EP Granules with Tobramycin in clinical trial. The product is a resorbable bone void filler that delivers a broad-spectrum antibiotic in a local and targeted manner in the surgical treatment of bone infections following hip or knee replacements. Further, BONESUPPORT (Scandinavian company) is in process to gain FDA approval for its antibiotic bone void filler product called CERAMENT G. A DeNovo application for CERAMENT G for bone infections was submitted in April 2020 and is expected to gain approval in 2022.

North America leads the adoption of Bone Void Fillers Market

From a regional perspective, North America has the higher market share of bone void fillers market. This is mainly attributed to the large number of orthopaedic procedures, rising aging population, and higher penetration of bone void filling products in the regions.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Global Bone Void Fillers Market

The major players operating in the bone void filler market are Medtronic, Graftys, DePuy Synthes Companies (JnJ), Stryker, Baxter, bioventus, Orthofix, Bone Solutions Inc., Curasan, Inc., Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corporation, Biocomposites, Arthrex, Zimmer Biomet, Collagen Matrix, Bonesupport AB, among others.

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