Increase Your Towing Capacity By Getting The 5th Wheel Hitch Service In Ocala FL

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Ocala-based company R & B Hitch offers mobile fifth wheel hitch installations throughout Central Florida since this type of hitch can legally increase towing capacity and weight. A specialist in mobile hitch services in Central Florida has announced a new service for installing fifth wheeler tow hitches. In addition to offering their services remotely, they provide detailed instructions on their website for installing a fifth wheel hitch at home.

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Adding a fifth wheeler tow hitch improves the driving experience compared to a gooseneck hitch, says R & B Hitch of Ocala. Moreover, it is a good way to increase the towing capacity in terms of load size and weight. As a result, it is the ideal choice for people who want to tow RVs, campers, and travel trailers. However, before starting the installation process, R & B Hitch of Ocala advises drivers to check that their vehicle has the necessary weight capacity to tow the trailer.

Fifth wheeler tow hitches can be complicated to install, which is why the team offers mobile installations as well as user guides. During installation, they note that access to the truck bed’s underbelly will be needed for the brackets and base rails. To make more space, it is recommended that people remove the spare tire and other components, such as heat shields. Each hitch’s instructions will explain what steps need to be taken.

The company explained, “This mobile installation service is offered so they can keep the busy schedule while the work on-site is completed.”. The team at R & B Hitch of Ocala explains that mobile services allow people to go about their daily routines while doing the necessary work. Details about the service can be found at the URL provided.

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