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If you’ve been lashing out at people and suffering from tension headaches recently, you may be stressed and not even know it. The truth is, all of us get stressed, but how we manage it is what separates high-achievers from the rest. Thankfully, there is a new program that you can apply for today to get more motivated and energized and start enjoying life again.

Dr. Leslie Bosch, Founder of Bosch Integrative Wellness, offers a Stress RESET Group Coaching Program that is ideal for ambitious, goal-focused men and women who want to learn effective strategies for improving their performance. For the beta launch of the group coaching program, Dr. Bosch invites 15 Founding Members to work closely with her throughout the program. In exchange for their feedback, Founding Members will receive a significant discount on their tuition. Enrollment is open until July 10, 2022. Classes run from July 12 to August 16 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT.

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If you take part, you will learn how to reset your response to stressful situations. Benefiting from the latest research in positive psychology, you will discover how to change your response to stress so that you can achieve consistently high performance, get your youthful energy and vigor back, and be passionate about your work again. Dr. Bosch explains that stress will always be a part of our lives. In fact, stress in moderate doses can improve performance.

However, when experienced for prolonged periods of time, stress becomes chronic. A large body of research demonstrates the connection between chronic stress and negative health outcomes such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, an impaired immune system, insomnia, depression, job dissatisfaction, and lost productivity. The program aims to promote mental agility and emotional well-being. By enrolling in the Stress RESET Group Coaching Program, participants will discover how to transform their lives in deeply satisfying ways by addressing the root causes of stress, incorporating new strategies, prioritizing their core needs, and regaining clarity about what is important to them.

During the six live sessions, Dr. Bosch will also introduce you to five science-backed strategies to handle stress in healthy ways. You will also receive lifetime access to video modules, Q&A sessions, handouts, and guided meditation practices. Early birds to the program, or those who sign up by July 1, will receive a range of additional services. One of Dr. Bosch’s former one-on-one coaching clients wrote, “I went from working 65-hour a week, and barely getting 3-5 hours of fitful sleep at night to working 40-hour a week and consistently getting 7 hours of restful sleep every night. I always loved my job as a mediator and educator at a nonprofit but after the program, I gained a sense of control over my life again. Instead of feeling exhausted all the time, now I have a renewed sense of purpose and passion in my personal and professional life.”

Imagine being able to perform at your best again! Say “goodbye” to constantly being emotionally tired and stressed!

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