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If you’ve been looking for a means of increasing your business’s online presence, you may have been tempted by Google ads but wary of the cost. That’s why Prosperous Dad Consulting created their presentation that provides you with information on how to receive a grant for over $10,000 Google advertising credits per month to help boost your brand. In the presentation, you will get insight into the availability of Google advertising grants for non-profits, and how they can be accessed for your real estate, lifestyle coaching, or other entrepreneurial business.

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Alongside their presentation, the company also offers you details on their services for registering and staying compliant with Google’s grant requirements, ensuring you can receive lifetime access to advertising credits. In today’s digital-focused age, making sure your services are being seen by prospective clients online, as well as staying ahead of your competition, can be a challenge. Additionally, balancing the cost of online advertising against your incoming revenue can be difficult to manage.

Prosperous Dad Consulting’s presentation outlines a strategy that can provide you with free Google advertising credits. As outlined in the presentation, Google has a service that pays out grants for non-profit organizations that offer educational content ranging from blogs and articles to podcasts, courses, and workshops. These grants can be for amounts of over $10,000 per month for the entire lifetime of a business. Prosperous Dad Consulting can conduct research and reverse engineer the content you need prior to registering for a Google grant. They can also help you with creating educational center websites, grant applications, and audit approvals.

The company’s industry experience allows them to help you learn how to use and run Google ads once you have obtained your grant. With this training, you can optimize your advertising campaigns and therefore increase your incoming revenue. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can watch the complimentary presentation and find testimonials on Prosperous Dad Consulting’s website. You are also able to schedule a consultation call during which you can verify your business’s eligibility for the grant program and learn how it can be adapted to your needs.

A spokesperson for Prosperous Dad Consulting said, “We help businesses get approved for a lifetime of free advertising dollars to increase their brand exposure, goodwill, and overall margins.” Learn how you can boost your business’s advertising with free Google ad credits with Prosperous Dad Consulting’s presentation today.

For more information, you can visit http://prosperousdad.com where you can watch the presentation.