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Toronto, Canada: It is primarily used during the winter months when the air is dry and humid. The filters remove bacteria before it is dispensed into the air. If you wish to enjoy clean air, it becomes essential to change the filters regularly. The frequency at which the filters need to be changed depends on the quality of the water and how frequently you are using the humidifier.

While some humidifiers have filters, others have parts that need to be cleaned or replaced on time. If you have a humidifier in your house, the filters need to be replaced once every season, if it is being used daily. Over time, several particles like dust, rust, and mould can build over the filter. This damages its quality and interferes with the functioning of the humidifier.

It is generally not advisable to clean the entire humidifier filter as it removes the cellulose layer. A dirty humidifier filter not only decreases its performance but also is a significant health risk. If the filters become blocked due to constant use, it puts a strain on the fans and motor. Changing filters regularly and on time ensures that you breathe in the fresh air and the longevity of your humidifier increases.

You should also keep the exterior of the humidifier clean and free from dust, to reduce the number of impurities collected in the filter. Since there are a variety of humidifier filters, it makes sense to check the manufacturer’s website or consult the user’s manual before buying the replacement parts. Therefore, check before purchasing if your filter type can be cleaned or needs replacing.

According to the Head of Sales, Pickering Appliances, “With increased pollution levels outside, the least we can do today is to keep the air inside our homes fresh and clean. Humidifiers provide that degree of freshness to indoor air. However, with constant use, the humidifier filters need timely replacement to work optimally. At Pickering Appliances, we have an extensive range of top-quality replacement parts for humidifier filters. Here you get even the most elusive parts that you fail to find elsewhere. Our quality humidifier filter replacement parts are affordable and designed exclusively to increase the functioning of your humidifier. With our range of filters, you get assured that your loved ones breathe only fresh and clean air.”

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