Alight West Tenn Offers Off-Campus Housing for Florida State University Students

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Tallahassee, Florida: Alight West Tenn is pleased to announce they offer off-campus housing solutions for students attending Florida State University. They understand the value of living off-campus to enjoy a better quality of life while remaining close to their classes and on-campus activities.

Alight West Tenn makes it simple for students to live with their friends or meet new people through the roommate matching service. The four-bedroom apartments provide a comfortable living environment for students, with a private bathroom for every bedroom. The per-person rental rate covers furnishings, in-unit laundry, Internet access, and access to all community amenities. Each student pays a monthly utility and amenities fee that includes unlimited electricity, water, and sewer.

Alight West Tenn has created a comfortable living environment for students attending nearby Florida State University. The apartment complex features many amenities, including a 24-hour fitness center, a clubhouse with game and study rooms, a resort-style pool with a hot tub, and a business and study center. Residents and their friends can attend social events held throughout the year at the complex.

Anyone interested in learning about the off-campus student housing solutions can find out more by visiting the Alight West Tenn website or calling 1-850-972-2000.

About Alight West Tenn: Alight West Tenn is an off-campus housing community for students attending Florida State University. Each student pays a per-person rental rate to prevent issues with roommates who can’t pay their fair share. They provide each student with personal space and convenient campus access for attending classes and on-campus activities. Visit us at

Company: Alight West Tenn
Address: 2566 W. Tennessee Street
City: Tallahassee
State: FL
Zip code: 32304
Telephone number: 1-850-972-2000
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