How do you know if a sofa is of good quality?

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Sofa frame

Quality living room sofa has a firm and robust structure, which allows the furniture to last much longer, representing an excellent investment in the short, medium and long term.

The ideal sofa structure is solid wood or steel, especially with regard to the part of the furniture that receives the most load, that is, the seat. These materials are durable and do not warp easily.


The seat is one of the main points to be analyzed, as it indicates whether the furniture is comfortable and durable. There are different combinations, such as the spring and foam seat or elastic strap and foam.

Both alternatives are good choices when buying a sofa , but you need to check some details, especially if you opt for the spring and foam combination. Prefer a model that has at least four rows of springs per seat.

Also, always check the density of the sofa’s foam. The general recommendation is that the furniture seat has D33 foam, which can withstand a load of up to 100 kilos. If the people using the furniture weigh more than that, choose a sofa with D45 foam on the seat.

For the backrest, you can choose a lower density foam, such as D28 or D23, because this part of the furniture does not receive as much weight. Foams with this density are more malleable, which will provide even more comfort to the backrest.


A high-quality sofa has a damage-resistant upholstery, which will minimize the risk of tearing easily or staining, and staying beautiful for a long time.

Currently, there is a wide variety of sofa coverings, but there are some that are more used because they are of high quality, such as suede, velvet, twill and leather, which are also characterized by being easy to maintain and clean.

Beware of low prices

It is tempting to take home a retractable, corner, reclining sofa, among other models, when its value is very low, but resist! Quality sofas are usually expensive, but they are worth the investment because they last longer.

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If the model you are interested in has a very low price, this could be an indication of problems such as a less resistant structure to damage, seats that are not as durable and comfortable, among others. If you buy it, cheap can be expensive.

Want an excellent alternative at a fair price? A good tip is to buy a sofa right from the factory online, with the possibility of purchasing amazing and damage-resistant models for values that fit your budget, without leaving you in the red!