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Kapoor Plastics is a world-class leading supplier of acrylic sheets. Having worked with thousands of companies across the nation and overseas, they have grown immensely from their humble beginnings.

The manufacturing methodology used in their state-of-the-art factory and warehouse organises, develops, and endures a productive work atmosphere which is the reason for their continued production of best-quality materials. Their warehouse and factories have been custom designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring that no incidents may slow down or disrupt their production of acrylic glass sheets. The offered acrylic sheet price by them is affordable without any conciliations in the quality.
They also offer a warranty period on their material or product supplied, assuring that their products are of premium quality.

Every acrylic sheet produced in their facility is light-weight, has outstanding clarity, weatherability, and is sturdy. Acrylic glass sheets supplied by them have a variety of applications, including in the production of safety shields, lenses, inspection windows, machine covers, conventional displays, acrylic office partitions, medical devices, tanks, counter dividers, vending machine cases, industrial machines and more.

One of the products that the company seems to have a high demand for is office acrylic partitions. Because of their sturdiness and other beneficial traits, acrylic partitions seem to have replaced the glass. From being cost-efficient to light in weight and from anti-bacterial to eco-friendly, there are several advantages in using acrylic partitions. They offer exclusive acrylic partition designs that have both contemporary and traditional looks, as desired by their clients.

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About Kapoor Plastics:

For the past four decades, Kapoor Plastics have never deviated from providing premium quality products, proactive support, and services to their clients in India and abroad, ensuring their continuity as a trusted supplier of acrylic sheet. Besides acrylic glass sheets, they are also leading suppliers of polycarbonate sheets and PVC foam board sheets. They have been providing their products at affordable rates along with great customer service. Besides selling acrylic sheets, they also offer technical assistance to their customers to help them make the right selection of the material.

Contact Information:

Kapoor Plastics
1/5, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road,
Paharganj, New Delhi – 110055
Phone: 9811073913, 9312289026, 011-23550566, 9999440446
Email: kp@kapoorplastics.com
Website: http://www.kapoorplastics.com