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Check out the branded collection of electric power wheelchairs at Affordable Medical Equipment and choose the one that meets your needs and suits your pockets. These mobility assistive devices offer independence to move freely and comfortably both indoors and outdoors to old, disabled, and limited mobility people.

Mobility issues are bound to arise as a person becomes old. He feels uncomfortable even in covering short distances on foot and remains restricted to the four walls of a house. However, it is a temporary situation, which is easy to handle by using assistive mobility devices like electric or power wheelchairs. With power wheelchairs, it is possible to live life Kingsize even if any person is suffering from disability or mobility issues. At the click of a button, these chairs move forward and backward. These wheelchairs have a comfortable and padded ergonomic seating system that allows a person to sit comfortably even for a longer duration. Moreover, the seat, armrest, and footrest of the wheelchair are easy to adjust at the touch of a button by the user. Pneumatic tires, 250-300 lbs weight holding capacity, and a battery range of 12-15 miles are some of the standard features of branded models.

Compact design, lightweight construction, freedom to move anywhere and comfortable and safe ride both during the day and the nighttime are some of the main advantages of using electric power wheelchairs. These chairs are ideal travel companions for limited mobility people, old and disabled people. Due to the growing demand for power wheelchairs in the U.S. market, www.affordablemedicalusa.com has been maintaining different models of electric power wheelchairs of various brands and offering them at affordable rates. The users get complete freedom to choose any model based on battery range, maximum weight holding capacity or power packed features. Some of the most sought-after brands in which the company deals are Pride Mobility, Jazzy to name a few.

People who are using manual wheelchairs for a long time should switch to electric power wheelchairs as these devices are extremely comfortable to operate. However, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional before choosing the make and model. The reason is a person with good hand movements and body control is considered an ideal candidate for using the power wheelchair. Based on his suggestion, make an informed choice by choosing the wheelchair with power-packed features. So, this is the right time to upgrade your old assistive mobility device and experience the new freedom in life with electric wheelchairs. Check out the technologically advanced models available at the online store of Affordable Medical Equipment.

About Affordable Medical Equipment: Affordable Medical Equipment is one of the leading suppliers of assistive mobility devices in West Columbia, USA. The company has been dealing with a range of devices such as power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, 3 and 4-wheeled mobility scooters, and their accessories. It offers products both to retail and industrial customers at affordable rates.

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