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Power wheelchairs are a breather for people with mobility issues. They are comfortable to use and offer the freedom to move anywhere at any time. Affordable Medical Equipment offers a branded collection of lightweight travel power wheelchairs equipped with high-end features to customers at affordable rates.

People with mobility issues often face inconvenience for traveling even shorter distances. Manual wheelchairs solve their problems but they demand good upper body strength to pull them in backward and forward directions. However, people with poor body strength cannot rely on them. For such people, lightweight travel power wheelchairs are the best options. These lightweight wheelchairs are compact and therefore they are easy to transport and store. They are easy to use both indoors and outdoors on leveled surfaces. Moreover, pneumatic tires do not leave any marks on floors also. The average weight holding capacity, top speed, driving range and turning radius are a few features, which differ from model to model. Regardless of the make and model are chosen, the travel power wheelchairs are easy to operate with a single push of a button.

At Affordable Medical Equipment, you will find branded travel power wheelchairs in three driving ranges: mid-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel. The working mechanism of each driving range varies. Similarly, the company offers variety in terms of folding and disassembly as some wheelchairs are foldable whereas others support easy to assemble and disassemble features. For instance, Pride Go-Chair supports weight up to 300 lbs, shows a top speed of 3.7mph, easy to disassemble, comes with under-the-seat storage space, and is available in 6 attractive colors. Interested people can get complete details of Go-Chair Lightweight travel power wheelchairs and other brands of wheelchairs by visiting www.affordablemedicalusa.com. The friendly and professional team of the company helps customers in choosing the right kind of power wheelchair as per their requirements and within their budget.

Interested people can easily purchase lightweight travel power wheelchairs accessories along with the wheelchair from the reputed online store. The accessories in which the company deals are wheelchair covers, cup holders mesh bags for storage, to name a few. So, if you have been using manual wheelchairs for a long time, this is the high time to make a switch to advanced versions of manual wheelchairs i.e. to power wheelchairs. The company entertains the request of both industrial and retail customers and offers them solutions that aim at improving their quality of life.

About Affordable Medical Equipment: It is one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of assistive mobility devices in the U.S. market. The company deals with a variety of devices such as manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, 3 wheel mobility scooters, 4 wheel mobility scooters, mobility scooter lifts to name a few. The company offers these assistive mobility vehicles even at affordable rental rates.

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