Guardhouses and access to the garage door: why is it important?

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Precisely for this reason, it is essential that condominium owners redouble their attention to the local guardhouse. Some situations must be taken into account during the project, including the materials used to the types of systems.

The projects for guardhouses and access to the garage gate are mainly related to the access control of condominiums. At this point, it is essential to optimize all security rules on the guardhouses, maximizing the locations.

The guardhouse projects and access to the garage gate must follow new safety rules

Taking into account that about 90% of robberies that occur in condominiums are carried out through the front door, some security measures must be adopted in the guardhouses.

Therefore, the owners must carry out projects to optimize the security of the guardhouses and access to the condominium garage gate.

According to Garage Door Serviceexperts, it is essential that these places have an optimal location and visibility.

Ideally, as already happens in some construction companies, the project of a guardhouse should take into account all the management and systems that are used for maintenance.

But it is very important that the owners get in touch with a security consultancy during the planning of the implantation of the condominium. This measure usually makes rework and cost less.

When the opposite of this is done, that is, a security consultancy is found after the implementation, a big mistake is made. That’s because, it will be necessary to carry out new planning and high costs to adapt your condominium with the new guardhouse rules.

Where should the guardhouse be located?

According to security measures, it is essential that the guardhouses and access to the garage door allow porters to have a wide view of the street. And, in addition, they can also observe the entire perimeter of the building, at a 180° angle.

One of the most common mistakes that can occur in the design of these guardhouses is the implantation behind trees or columns. This makes employees unable to fully observe the perimeter.

Experts recommend that the guardhouses and access to the garage door be erected in a position facing the condominium. It is also important that owners give preference to armored models.

If there are two protons for pedestrians, one for residents only and the other for service providers, it is recommended that they be deployed in opposite positions. But if possible, they should be placed next to each other, each having its own guardhouse.
The professionals who are present at the guardhouse must be able to identify all people, controlling access to the condominium environment. This is the main reason to prepare a good project to create your guardhouses and access to the garage door.

How do shields and films work?

Specialists in security and access to the Garage Door Repairs in Sydneyrecommend installing armored glass models. In addition to ports that offer the same security advantage.

In condominiums that are considered to be of high standard, which have a greater risk of “trawler”, in addition to shielding these on the windows and doors, other measures must be followed. One of them is, precisely, the placement of the steel plate or, at least, concrete on the bricks.

Most robberies that occur in condominiums are through the front door. This is the main reason to adapt the security measures of your guardhouses and access to the garage door.

Without the presence of guardhouses and access to the garage door, it becomes much easier for complicated situations to happen in your condominium.

It is worth mentioning the importance of implementing two gates, they are: for pedestrian access and also for the owners’ cars. And, a rule that must always be followed is, one of them only opens when the other is properly closed.

Therefore, get in touch with trained professionals when creating your project and choosing the best models, ensuring complete security for the condominium.