Cars of Chinese brands became available in the AVTODOM Subscription service

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The popularity of Chinese auto brands among Russians is increasing every year. Their share in the total volume of sales in the territory of the Russian Federation is growing continuously. The build quality and technical characteristics of Geely, Haval, Chery and Exeed cars allow them to compete with cars of European, Japanese and Korean brands. There is a wide dealer network and full service support for cars of Chinese brands in Russia. This simplifies the maintenance of Chinese cars on the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to the Association of European Businesses, cars of most Chinese brands represented in Russia showed high dynamics of sales growth in the Russian car market – 125-224% in 2021. In April 2022, the share of Chinese cars in total sales doubled year-on-year to 12.6%. For example, sales growth of Geely, for which AVTODOM became the first partner among services of subscription, amounted to 13% from January to April.

Subscription conditions for cars of European and Chinese brands in AVTODOM Subscription is not differ. Maintenance, KASKO and OSAGO, seasonal replacement and storage of tires, taxes and duties are included in the monthly payment. Manufacturers and car dealers provide discounts on vehicles and special service conditions to their subscription partners. This allows AVTODOM to form comfortable tariffs for customers. Customers can get detailed information about each car, see its specification, vehicle identification number (VIN) and photos on the AVTODOM Subscription website. The client receives the car within a week after the service is issued. The minimum subscription period is 6 months. In addition, customers can redeem the car after the subscription expires.

“The demand of services of subscription among motorists is growing. Therefore, we are developing the service and making it available to a wider range of users by adding new brands to the project. Chinese automakers have already managed to win the loyalty of many Russians and find new fans. Therefore, we are confident that these cars will also be in demand in the subscription”, – said Maxim Shishko, CEO of Avtodom Subscription.

Avtodom Subscription is a service of AVTODOM Group, which offers subscription services for new cars of European and Chinese brands. Customers can choose a car, subscribe online and receive a car at official dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg.