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London, England, UK, June 3, 2022 – Sports Uganda is delighted to have received multiple sacks of sports kit donations from Southampton FC Academy Network and Salisbury Rugby Football Club. The kit is destined for Uganda in support of the Satellite Primary Schools Programme benefiting hard to reach communities in 5 districts (Kumi, Iganga, Mukono, Gulu and Adjumani).

Andrew Byekwaso, CEO of Sports Uganda Ltd UK, personally delivered the sports gear to Regional Express at Southampton Docks where he was met by Neil Curran (MD). Regional Express has generously donated the freight forwarding costs for the sports kits to be delivered to Uganda.

Andrew Byekwaso says “Sports Uganda is hugely thankful to Neil at Regional Express, Andy Eisentrager, the Coach at Bath and North Somerset RTC and Southampton FC, Richard Larcombe, President Salisbury RFC, Jason Yarwood, Youth Development Officer, Salisbury RFC and Georgina Hillman from Sambecketts Ltd who have been instrumental in bringing this together and have donated all their time and resources free of charge. A simple thing like a football or rugby ball that we take for granted here in the UK is a rarity in Uganda for children and young people wanting to play sports. Therefore, these donations will impact whole communities and provide young people with the opportunity to display their skills and come together through sport.”

Jason Yarwood, Youth Development Officer, Salisbury RFC says “Developing children’s rugby and making it as accessible as possible is a passion of mine. Salisbury RFC Board fully support the drive to make Rugby accessible for all. It is a great pleasure to donate equipment to the Sports Uganda cause. It is good that equipment we have used will get a second lease of life. We wish the Ugandan drive to make sport central to the way of life all the best for the future.”

Andy Eisentrager, the Coach at Bath and North Somerset RTC and Southampton FC, says “I thank God that He is using me in a world that is desperately in need of love – we all need to look at ways to accomplish this! Sometimes it’s just a smile for someone who needs one”

According to Sports Uganda, ‘the state of sports infrastructure in all parts of Uganda is either dead or in a dire state. Sports personalities that have risen through the ranks to win accolades at the national, regional, and international level have either been self-made or through an “accidental” revelation to the sporting administration of the country and the specific districts they hail from.’

Neil Curran (MD) of Regional Express says, “We are very happy to help Andrew and this fantastic cause. We look forward to hearing more about the progress of Sports Uganda in helping bring children’s dreams of participating in competitive sports to a reality.”

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About Sports Uganda

Sports Uganda aims to provide a National Sports Development Program for Uganda. The proposed program will provide young people with an opportunity to display their skills and allow national federations and talent scouts to gain a broader picture of the wide amount of untapped talent in Uganda. The mission of Sports Uganda is to drive Uganda into the competitive world of sports, games, and recreation as a united and transformed sector. The vision of Sports Uganda is to create an integrated system that increases participation in sports activities throughout Uganda.