Global Dental 3D Printing Market valued at $2.8 billion (2022) is growing at a lucrative CAGR of 20%

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Dental 3D printing is a fast-growing segment and its applications include design of physical models for prosthodontics, production of drill guides, orthodontics and surgery, and manufacture of dental implants, among others. Trend towards digital dentistry is one of the major tailwinds for the uptake of dental 3D printing.

Increasing adoption of digital workflow in dental practices and benefits offered by dental 3D printing is driving its Market Demand

3D-printing is a part of the digital workflow that is becoming more and more common in the dental practices. Dentist performs an intra-oral scan on the patient and electronically sends a digital copy of the scan to a dental lab. The technician can then design 3D model as soon as the copy of the scan received. 3D models designed this way are more stable, durable and precise compared to traditional/milled models. Dental 3D printing has increased the laboratory output, reduced fabrication and overall patient treatment time.

Group practices to drive the adoption of dental 3D printers

Group dental practices are growing rapidly, especially in developed markets. According to the latest data from the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute, there has been a downward trend in solo practitioners in the U.S. In 1999, 65% of the U.S. dentists ran solo practices which decreased to 50% in 2019. Group practice offer economies of scale, greater cash flow, ability to survive a downturn, and flexibility to cater to patient needs. It increases purchasing power and enable investments in advanced technologies such as digital scanners and dental 3D printing equipment.

High incidence of dental diseases is propelling the growth of the Dental 3D Printing Market

Dental caries is a common disease in all age groups, leading to high incidence of decayed and missing teeth. According to the CDC, in 2019, ~65% of adults aged above 18 years of age had a dental examination or dental cleaning procedure. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, ~120 million of the U.S. population are missing at least one tooth. The number of partially edentulous patients is expected to increase to over 200 million in the coming 15 years. Single crowns are increasingly used to replace a missing tooth. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 2.3 million implant-supported crowns are made annually in the U.S. Increased usage of 3D printing to design such crowns and implants will drive the dental 3D printing market growth.

Regional Snapshot: North America leads the adoption of Dental 3D Printing Market

North America has a major market share of global dental 3D printing revenues owing to the large number of dental practices, high expenditure on oral care, better adoption of digital 3D printing, and greater availability of skilled technicians.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Dental 3D Printing Market

Key players operating in the global dental 3D printing market are 3D Systems, 3Shape, Stratasys, Formlabs, Roland DG Corporation, EnvisionTEC, Medit, Carestream, Vatech, GC America, HenrySchein, Align Technology Inc., Planmeca OY, Prodways Group, Carbon, Inc., Concept Laser, EOS GmbH, BASF, Evonik, Dentsply Sirona, Inc., SprintRay, Inc., Zortrax, DMG America, 3Dresyns, and Micron Dental, among others.

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