Plus Delta’s Tabetha Sheaver Reveals How Business Owners Can Survive The Employee Economy

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ST. LOUIS, MO – June 1, 2022 –Tabetha Sheaver, president of the highly respected Midwest business consultancy Plus Delta and a professional EOS implementer, says business owners can take several actions to avoid turnover and deal with overzealous demands by employees in the current labor market.

“Many business owners are stressing out on how to deal with the tight labor market. Employees feel they have the power to command large increases in pay, work remotely from anywhere they want and demand more time off for vacations and personal time. They feel if their current employer won’t meet their stipulations someone else will,” Sheaver said.
According to Sheaver, consistently adapting and changing HR policies is not the answer. “As a leader you want to be kind, helpful, and gracious while setting clear boundaries and sticking to them. Yet you need to meet KPIs. Constantly making exceptions for even a high performer won’t work in the long run.”

Sheaver said she has worked with and spoken to many successful HR managers and offers this advice to leadership to maintain fluidity as well as profitability in the current economy.

First, remember you own the company. You have a job to do by providing a service or manufacturing a product. At the end of the day your enterprise must be profitable in order to survive, in spite of rising costs and performance issues associated with HR. No margin means no mission for you and your entire team.

Second, set clear boundaries. Create a few simple rules that you repeat often for all employees. Making the rules/policy ahead of time helps take the emotion out of the situation when it arises, and you have a well-defined response. This establishes company policy on the first day of employment and workers will know their expectations and limitations from the outset.

Third, maintain consistency. The application of the rules and policy has to be the same across the board so there is no bias leaving you open for legal claims.

The goal is to have rules in place when an employee suddenly wants to double their salary or demands additional benefits before a scheduled review.

“People like boundaries. Cultures are crushed when owners constantly change and make up the rules as they go,” Sheaver adds. “Sure the best of the best can demand what they want, but owners are the other half of this equation and the two groups cannot thrive without one another.”

“Our advice to owners is realize you have value to offer and so does the employee. Your job is to find a win-win, but in order to scale it can’t be accomplished on a one to one basis, but instead must be based on the needs of the company. You aren’t being a bad person if you say no, you are keeping the company running and keeping jobs. Being consistent is being kind.”

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Plus Delta operates on four core values. These include integrity-do what we say we are going to do, Be The Buffalo-running head-on into problems and fixing them, teamwork-aligning everyone in the organization to help the client achieve their goals, and kindness throughout all client endeavors. The firm is led by Tabetha Sheaver, an award winning consultant and highly skilled professional in change management. Sheaver is a Fractional COO, Certified Project Management Professional (PMI), Certified Change Management Professional and Certified Mediator. For additional information visit