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Ion Austin
2100 San Antonio St.
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Austin, Texas: Ion Austin is pleased to announce they make it easy for students to live in the center of it all while living the independent lifestyle they want. The complex allows students attending the University of Texas at Austin to customize their college living experience.

When students choose Ion Austin for their living arrangements, they can choose from various floor plans to suit their unique needs, including studio and one-bedroom apartments for living alone and two, three, and four-bedroom apartments that are ideal to share with friends or meet new people by signing up for the roommate matching program. The per-person rental rate gives students peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about roommates who can’t pay their share. Rent includes Internet access, water and sewer, and trash disposal. In addition to rent, individuals must pay a monthly amenities and utility fee. Various upgrades and parking are available for an additional fee.

Ion Austin has built the ideal living environment to keep students active and engaged while living close to the campus for their classes and on-campus activities. The features of the complex include a VIP lounge and pool, prime lounge spaces, a gym with fitness classes included, collaborative media rooms, and more.

Anyone interested in learning about the student living environment offered can find out more by visiting the Ion Austin website or by calling 1-512-370-2700.

About Ion Austin: Ion Austin is an off-campus housing community designed to meet the needs of students attending the University of Texas at Austin. Each student pays a per-person rental rate to give them peace of mind. With all the amenities included, students can enjoy the comfortable, independent lifestyle they want.

Company: Ion Austin
Address: 2100 San Antonio St.
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip code: 78705
Telephone number: 1-512-370-2700
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