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A reputable e-learning company, has just released a list of the best software outsourcing companies in education worldwide. CodeRiders Software Outsourcing Company is also included in’s list.
This list is backed up by valid data and a careful examination of each company’s experience and history of building e-learning software solutions.

About is a team of leading academics who are determined to make education accessible and free for everyone despite the place of living, social conditions, age, the field of operation, etc. The company helps students reduce college debts and accelerate the learning process by offering free online courses. The company cooperates with some of the well-established and leading colleges and educational institutions such as:
• Suny Empire State College
• Southern New Hampshire University
• Florida National University
• Norwich University and more.

Some of the amazing benefits people get include:
• Saving money on tuition
• Online learning from any location and at any pace
• No applications or entrance exams.

How CodeRiders is Included?
As we already know, is a qualified institution to advise on education-related matters. It partners with some of the best colleges and institutions in the USA and is trusted by many. Besides the main scope of their educational services, it is also crucial for them to be a good adviser to their students. The company explores the education industry worldwide, keeps up with the trending topics, and is determined to make difference in the e-learning industry. The company came across CodeRiders during its ordinal research of the best e-learning companies worldwide. Then they went through CodeRiders’:
• Reviews,
• Past awards and recognitions,
• Software development case studies,
• Our software development company blog about business and software development topics.

About CodeRiders Software Outsourcing Company
CodeRiders is an Armenia-based software development company. It was initially established as a software development school back in 2013. In just a year, the school gave 800+ alumni. In 2014, CodeRiders hired its based students to work at CodeRiders Software Development Company. The founder, Artak Amirkhanyan is a software developer himself. He is now the acting CTO and CEO of the company.
Currently, CodeRiders consists of 16 tech enthusiasts who are motivated to build cutting-edge software solutions worldwide. We have had clients from multiple countries from almost every continent.
Our clients are mostly from countries where software development services are very expensive and there is a talent shortage. These countries prefer to outsource to the most famous tech hubs in the world, and Armenia is one of them.

CodeRiders’ Services
CodeRiders offers the following services:
• Web development and design,
• Custom software development,
• Software outsourcing and IT consulting,
• Mobile app development.

We are also specialized in business intelligence (BI) services, Internet of things (IoT) services, API integrations, and real-time solutions.
Our tech stack includes but is not limited to:

An E-learning Project by CodeRiders:
CodeRiders worked with a Hong-Kong based creative English school Butterfly Milk. The client’s goal was to digitalize the school management process for the school. Not were we instructed to automate all the manual tasks and the whole school management system for Butterfly Milk but we also needed to build all the functions interactive and creative. The students are schoolchildren therefore our challenge was to make the learning process fun and interesting. We provided 1 web developer, 1 mobile app developer, and a project manager (PM). Our software developers worked on both web development and mobile app development while the PM took care of the smooth software development lifecycle (SDLC). They worked specifically on:
• Database architecture,
• Web development,
• Hybrid mobile development,

Our web and mobile app developers worked simultaneously, keeping up transparent communication both with each other and the client. They were able to deliver bug-free code within the time scope.
Some of the key software solutions and services included:
• Creation and implementation of a web platform for teachers, students, and parents,
• A feature to manage, edit, and add classes to the school calendar with drag and drop functionality,
• Solutions for assigning tasks to students and sending learning materials,
• Automotive solutions to level up students by moving them from one class to another
• A possibility to make individual notes for each student and send a student progress report to parents,
• Features for managing, editing, and adding new words in the dictionary database with images and pronunciation sounds,
• A possibility to link dictionary words to books,
• A feature for adding homonyms in the dictionary and assigning them to corresponding words,
• A possibility to add books and movies for the classes,
• A possibility to track student’s progress both for parents and teachers,
• A possibility to track books’ borrows and returns for each student,
• Gamify custom quizzes for students,
• Create and schedule appointments with parents digitally,
• Build a Trello-like panel to manage inner tasks.

Meanwhile, our hybrid mobile app developer built and implemented a mobile application for the students’ parents. It is a school management mobile app that allows to:
• Receive, check, and keep track of the students’ assignments,
• Allow parents to link more than one child to their account (if any) and manage both of their profiles accordingly,
• Allow parents to keep track of their child’s currently borrowed books,
• Check their child’s dictionary words and their child’s pronunciation,
• Write notes for teachers and schedule appointments with teachers,
• Allow students to play various types of gamified quizzes.

Our software developers have completed the first stage of this e-learning project. It is currently on hold and is scheduled to be relaunched soon. After that, we will turn to the 2nd stage of the project adding more complex functionalities both to the web and mobile app. The beta version of the application is not live on Apply store and Google Play Market. It works responsively both for IOS and Android users.

You can check other case studies in the CodeRiders portfolio section.

Other Industries Team CodeRiders is Specialized
• HealthTech or healthcare software solutions,
• Media and entertainment software solutions,
• Finance and banking software solutions,
• Marketing and analytics software solutions,
• Real estate software solutions,
• E-commerce, wholesale and retail software solutions,
• Wealth management software solutions,
• Customer service software solutions (CRM systems),
• Legal system software solutions,
• Transportation and logistics software solutions.

Benefits of Working With CodeRiders
1. Affordable prices and high-quality services go hand-in-hand,
2. Dedicated software engineers are more reliable unlike freelancers or remote employees. They work within a software outsourcing company and although the client becomes their new employer (if outstaffing), the company is responsible for the quality of their work
3. Possibility of adding new software developers or other experts like designers, project managers, QA specialists, etc. from the same team. Employees from the same company already have experience cooperating,
4. IP rights protection, no security risks,
5. Possibility of signing an NDA if required,
6. Clear communication.