THE BEST TIME FOR MINI IS NOW! Sergey Vorobyov, Sales Director of MINI cars in AVTODOM.

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However, there are several ways to develop the situation. First, everything depends on the geopolitical situation. It is difficult to make any forecasts until it stabilizes. Secondly, many processes affecting changes in supply chains are running in parallel. Negotiations with new automakers, previously unrepresented in our country, are underway. These are all global processes. However, if you look at the MINI brand, it definitely does not plan to leave Russia. We are waiting for the resumption of car production this autumn already. The announcement of the new MINI model is waiting for us in 2023. I am sure our customers will love it.

2. Are there MINI cars available, in what modifications?
The entire MINI range is presented in AVTODOM dealerships. Not only compact three and five-door hatchbacks with different power engines are available, but also bigger cars – the MINI Countryman crossover and the spacious MINI Clubman. We have the largest stock of new cars among all dealers in the Russian Federation. You can still have time to book a car from the limited Bricklane or Camden series, which are distinguished by special body colors, finishes and rich equipment.

3. What are the conditions for purchasing MINI vehicles?
Special offers apply to all new MINI vehicles in stock. The benefit can reach 400,000 rubles, depending on those or other credit or insurance programs that the client chooses.

4. Can I buy a car on lease, credit and trade-in?
All methods of financing transactions are available in AVTODOM. Several credit programs from partner banks with a reduced interest rate and attractive leasing programs. It is profitable to rent your old car through the trade-in system now. The price of such a car is quite high now. A trade-in bonus when buying a new MINI starts from 100,000 rubles and can be much higher.

5. Why buy a MINI car?
The choice of European brand cars is very limited now. Pricing for some of them has not stabilized yet. Alternatively, there are so few cars left that they are offered as exclusives at the most inflated price. MINI is in sufficient quantity in the AVTODOM now. There is a choice, the price is stable, special offers are valid. Moreover, of course, MINI will give its future owner only vivid emotions and the most exciting driving experience.