Global Drug Discovery Software market is set to grow at a CAGR of 14% to reach $3.5 billion by 2025

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The global drug discovery software market (such as ligand-based design, structure-based design, LIMS, ELN) is driven by the increasing R&D spend and pipeline, expanding scope and scale, increasing stringency of testing and regulations, growing number and size of biotechs, need for increasing cost efficiencies and reducing time to market, and move towards web/cloud-based software.

Global Drug Discovery Software Market – A Niche but Fast-Growing Market

The drug discovery software market is niche and growing significantly, driven by the rising pressure on the pharma and biotech companies to cut costs in the research and preclinical stage of drug development, reduce timelines and improve transparency through deep learning software tools.

“Large players present in this segment are trying to consolidate the market by becoming a one stop shop. Moreover, companies are also considering to combine their solutions with bioinformatics and LIMS tools to have a competitive edge.” – Executive, Leading Drug Discovery Software Provider, US

Increasing Focus on Developing AI/ML platforms for Drug Discovery

The life sciences industry is increasingly recognizing the benefits offered by big data and AI/ML in drug discovery. Several AI/ML developments could be seen recently that are expected to disrupt the current drug discovery landscape. For instance, in Mar 2021, insitro, a ML-driven drug discovery and development company raised $400 million. In 2020, Optibrium launched Cerella, an AI software platform for drug discovery.

Increasing Demand for Software Solutions Specifically Designed for Biologics

Biologics are expected to experience strong growth in the drug discovery phase. 50% of drugs currently in the preclinical phase are biologics. To leverage growth opportunities, companies are entering/expanding into biologics software space.

Transition to Web/Cloud-based Software

The global drug discovery software market is slowly moving towards cloud-based solutions as it can address most of the issues with on-premise installations and provide quick deployment, minimum upfront costs, high flexibility and scalability making it affordable for even small and medium size pharma/biotechs, academic research/universities and CROs.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Drug Discovery Software Market

The global drug discovery software market is highly competitive and fragmented. Some of the key players include Dassault Systèmes, LabVantage, PerkinElmer, Schrodinger, Abbott, Healx, Optibrium, Instem, Chemical Computing Group, dotmatics, idbs, Titian, Biovia, Celsius, Genome Biologics, Atomwise, Standigm, insitro, and CytoReason.

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