HoduSoft to showcase award-winning UC products at CommunicAsia Singapore

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HoduSoft, a global unified communications software maker catering to businesses of all sizes today  announced that it will exhibit its comprehensive suite of software at the CommunicAsia 2022. This year, the event is going to be held from June 1-3, 2022 Singapore. 

CommunicAsia 2022, the Asia’s leading Infocomm Media & Tech Conference is the event to attend to get a broad view on the latest happenings in the ever-evolving telecommunication and digital sector. This year’s event is a great opportunity for participants  to gain meaningful insights and connections in the digital ecosystem and technological advancements such as 5G standalone, edge computing, and much more. 

“We are so grateful and excited to exhibit at the event. I think attending such events gives us the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest technology trends and help us develop better softwares for our customers. At HoduSoft, we always strive to provide our clients with the most advanced software to transform and future-proof their business in this evolving digital and telecommunication sector,” said Kartik Khambhati, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, HoduSoft.

A global study by Metrigy on workplace collaboration revealed that 47.5% of 467 companies benchmarked now completely rely on the cloud or run a combination of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and on-premise UC to meet their business communication needs. Not just that, this paradigm shift enables businesses to save cost, but also help them to increase security and improve support for customers as well as the workforce. 

Khambhati added, “Customer demands are changing, and businesses must adapt fast. Today’s customers expect more from the brands they do business with. Given that in this digital age, they are able to broadcast their experiences, it’s crucial for businesses to keep paying attention to customers, monitor their behaviour and provide them with personalised support. And that’s where HoduSoft’s unified communication software comes into the picture. Our software is designed to help businesses shape their world of work. Besides being flexible, our comprehensive suite of communication software are easy to integrate with the current business infrastructure and meet all the business needs.” 

Since the inception, HoduSoft has established itself as the market leader for offering world-class innovative communication softwares to enable businesses of all sizes to transform their customer experience and improve their agents’ productivity. Some of their industry-winning products include the Call and Contact Center Software HoduCC, Internet-based Telephone System HoduPBX, Voice and SMS broadcasting Software HoduBlast, and Audio-Conferencing Software HoduConf. Recently, the company was recognised as FrontRunner and CategoryLeader in the Gartner Digital Markets survey data.

To know more about HoduSoft’s product suite and understand how you can leverage unified communication to deliver a consistent, seamless and personalised experience to your customers, read here.

About HoduSoft:
Headquartered in India, HoduSoft is one of the leading unified communications software makers. Incepted in 2015, HoduSoft strives to help businesses deliver exceptional experiences to their customers and climb the ladder of success. Presently, HoduSoft is recognized to be #1 VoIP software makers, offering world-class communication products for companies of all sizes.

Other quality software products in the HoduSoft suite include HoduCC- call center software, HoduBlast, HoduPBX, and HoduConf that render personal, intelligent, and delightful customer experiences.
HoduCC brings efficiency with cloud-native contact centre software by making each interaction meaningful, whether you are working on-premise or remotely. This software enables growing call centers in quickly resolving the customer queries and improving call support operations. Being rich in features, HoduCC software is an ideal and a cost-effective solution for call and contact centers that significantly enhances productivity of their agents. 

HoduPBX is a modern IP PBX software that enables businesses to communicate seamlessly across all offices throughout the world with a unified phone system. Regardless of size, this software packed with cutting-edge features is ideal for all the companies. Not just that, it is much easier for companies to integrate this software with their existing tools and can be fully customised depending on the needs of a business. 

HoduBlast is a one-stop Voice & SMS broadcasting software for digital voice messaging. This software enables you to run campaigns, event promotions, organise surveys and polls, send reminders, warnings, or reports. In addition, it enables you to effectively communicate with your customers.

HoduConf is a cost-effective business conferencing product. It is a robust audio conferencing software built for business collaboration. An all-in-one software to manage everything, right from small interactive meetings to large engaging webinars.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch at sales@hodusoft.com.

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