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If you are doing business online, you must have already heard the term affiliate traps. They are used for destroying a customer’s online journey and thereby stealing the ROI advertisers deserve. If you want to see your business grow online, you must ensure that you don’t fall prey to these traps.

Virus Positive Technologies is a company you can rely on when looking for solutions to mitigate various affiliate frauds including affiliate traps. The company is perfectly equipped to protect you against all kinds of affiliate traps you may face when running a business online.

The Company Has Solutions for All Possible Affiliate Traps

Here are some of the most common affiliate frauds you need to deal with:
Cookie Stuffing: Virus Positive Technologies has the best solutions for protecting your brand against cookie stuffing. Cookie stuffing is the term used for an illegitimate method in which affiliates add cookies to the browser of users using adware. They do so to monetize all the sales taking place from the browser. VPT’s affiliate monitoring solutions can stop the actions discussed above and ensure that your marketing budget is not wasted.

Cookie Hijacking: To perform cookie hijacking, publishers with fraudulent intent insert affiliate cookies by allocating adware via software applications and browser extensions. They hijack various click elements of websites, which eventually results in the hijacking of the customers’ journey. Recently obtained numbers suggest that around 31% of eCommerce applications are at risk of becoming victims of cookie hijacking. This makes the services offered by VPT even more significant.
Adware Round Tripping: Adware round-tripping takes place when a publisher steals legitimate customers of a particular brand by redirecting them to the advertiser’s page only after sending them to its site. The windows apps, browser extensions, and Mac dmg might track the browsing activities of users and distract them whenever they set out to make a purchase online.

URL Hijacking: URL Hijacking or typosquatting is one of the most frequently occurring modes of cybersquatting. Affiliates with malicious intent intentionally purchase domain names that are almost similar to the actual brand domains but are misspelled. Fraudsters adopting this technique of affiliate fraud are usually great at guessing or tracking the mistakes users can make when looking for a legitimate site. This allows them to buy the right domains for diversifying the original site’s traffic. The fraud detection experts at Virus Positive Technologies have advanced solutions that will help you seamlessly identify fraudsters operating to steal the advertisers’ traffic. Using VPT’s services will not only protect the reputation of your brand but will also protect your marketing budget.

Misleading Deals: This technique involves attracting potential buyers by demonstrating coupons and deals with inappropriate labeling for earning commissions. VPT is represented by experts, who can identify such deals promptly and take action to ensure that your business’s reputation is not destroyed.

Competitor Ads: Malicious affiliates use this affiliate trap for distracting buyers visiting the advertiser’s web page with lucrative deals launched by rival groups. A large number of top brands have faced this problem in recent years and VPT has helped them successfully overcome it.

Paid Ad Violation: It’s pretty common for malicious affiliates to display paid advertisements on Google and other search engines using brand keywords. They also often end up consuming a large portion of the advertising budget allotted for paid ads for having their ads on top of SERPs. VPT’s team of fraud detection experts will spot such ad violations quickly and protect your advertising budget effectively.

VPT Uses the Most Advanced Technologies to Prevent and Eradicate Affiliate Frauds
Virus Positive is the pioneer in the world of affiliate fraud detection and management. The company uses complex methodologies to identify different kinds of non-compliant actions such as brand bidding using prohibited brand name keywords), pop ads, incentives, malvertising, fake browser alerts, and more.
The experts at VPT know that the malicious individuals keep improving the techniques and technologies they use to escape fraud scanners. As a result, they keep updating every affiliate marketing compliance automated tracking tool they use with fresh features and ensure that they can outsmart the strategies of those fraudsters without any difficulty.

VPT’s primary goal is to help businesses advertisers by recovering their brand value and revenue. They have been working successfully to achieve their goals thanks to the amazing technologies they have discovered to keep invasive promotions at bay.

According to numbers put forward by the company, they have helped some of their clients to get back as much as 90% of the lost/stolen revenue. Over the years, Virus Positive Technologies have helped some of the biggest retailers in the world to get rid of invasive promotions and affiliate traps. The client base of the company has grown significantly in the past year and customer feedback suggests that things will remain the same even in the years to come.