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23rd May – 26th June 2022 8.00 – 10:00 (IST)

Why attend:
In-depth understanding of a programming language or technology is usually covered under courses. Courses take a long time to complete and cover everything needed to master the language. A course could be a suitable option if you need to get a certification or do in-depth subject research. Bootcamps, get you to your target faster and in a more organised manner.

Agenda for the webinar
???? Day 1

• Red Team kill Chain
– Initial Access & Delivery
– Weaponization
– Command & Control
– Credentials Dumping
– Lateral Movement
– Establishing Persistence
– Data Exfiltration
• Red Team Infrastructure
• Looking Into Metasploit Framework

???? Day 2

• Challenge solving (Hands on)
• Using Metasploit Framework For exploiting (Hands On)

???? Day 3

• Understanding Active Directory (Hands On)
• Useful Terminologies in Active Directory
• Understanding of components of Active Directory

???? Day 4

• Understanding the tools used in exploiting AD
• Discussing the working of Attacks in Active Directory
• Attacking the Active Directory (Hands On)
• Questionnaire

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