NFT news – Immaterial Body: the new collection by Cristina Vitan and Jacopo Menconi.

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Venice – May 2022 – Interest in NFTs has exploded in recent months, and every day it captures the attention of a growing audience. The speed with which the NFT market has expanded has surprised everyone.

After an NFT work was sold for 69.3 million dollars, the market began to conquer not only famous people like Justin Bieber, Eminem and Madonna but it has now reached a very large group of collectors from all over the world, becoming a real status symbol.
But the success of NFTs is not only due to a question of status symbol; the most attractive and concrete thing about NFTs is their potential profitability.
The opportunity to earn a large fortune is driving more and more people to invest in NFTs by building a diversified investment portfolio backed by safe and reliable transactions.

The blockchain technology, in fact, allows collectors to have a sure proof of authenticity and originality and protection from any type of piracy or illegal action.
But how to choose what to buy? Looking for innovative artists, with thick and growing artistic contents and ideas.
The NFT Immaterial Body collection fits well in this context.

Immaterial Body wants to enhance the union between physical and virtual, between body art and digital art, through a series of 10 works on
An important collection born from the interaction between the real reality of Cristina Vitan’s provocative works that lead towards a pragmatic reflection of the female nude, and their rebirth through digital reality thanks to a phygital experience of Jacopo Menconi, a figure committed both in the musical field and in the field of digitalization and technological experimentation.

In the works, the body, in particular the female breast, the artist’s means of expression, remains the protagonist, however, becoming a starting point for reflection on the crisis in our society.
From the canvases the works in 3D are born with some works that evocatively refer to the ancient classical culture revised and updated.
Works from which three busts are born that represent the artist’s body which becomes a metaphor for the female figure who is transported to a dimension beyond the physical, thus transforming into intangible matter.

The message of the collection is to stimulate reflection on the social, political and economic problems of our century with an ironic vision, also through the faces of international political figures and symbols of modern consumerism such as Coca Cola, Mastercard.
A collection of NFTs of high artistic depth, now available on one of the main online digital art platforms.


Cristina Vitan and Jacopo Menconi: