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One of the commonly occurring bladder control diseases among older adults is urinary incontinence. In urinary incontinence a person loses control over his bladder which results in the involuntary release of urine. While it mostly happens among the older adults, it can still affect people at any age and at any point in life. Therefore, using some incontinence supplies such as pant style diapers are truly important. These diapers help the older adults go back to a normal life without having to worry about wetting their garments and embarrassing themselves in front of other people. Today, these diapers are the best supplies for dealing with urinary incontinence.

The market today has a myriad of different brands which cater to incontinence supplies including diapers. The most chosen brand among all is Lifree. The main goal of Lifree is to give the older adults the freedom to indulge in things they always loved and to live a life of dignity without having to be dependent on others. Therefore, they have come up with one of the best quality pant style diapers for elderly woman and man. These diapers are especially created to give them maximum protection from urine leakage while keeping them comfortable. Lifree has priced all its products at such affordable rates which is affordable to all people. It also comes in so many different sizes that people can get their hands on one which fits their bodies.

When you buy adult diapers by Lifree, you will find that they are created with such unique qualities in them which makes them the best ones as opposed to others. As they come in a plant style, the adults find it very easy to wear and remove them. They can easily pull them up and down as and when required without the diaper losing its elasticity. This way, they can also use the toilet whenever needed without having to change into fresh diapers every time. They come in different sizes such as adult diapers small, adult diapers medium, adult diapers large, adult diapers Xl and so on.

Besides, they are manufactured with a super soft and comfortable material which helps in efficiently soaking up six whole glasses of urine without making the older adults feel stuffy or uncomfortable. This unique six glass absorption lets one diaper last for about several hours without having to change every now and then. But, people with severe cases such as wherein they experience frequent episodes of complete emptying of the bladder, it is recommended to keep changing depending on their comfort. This high absorption capacity also makes them one of the best overnight diapers for adults as well. Just change into a fresh diaper right before you go to bed and it will soak up the entire night’s urine leakage.

As mentioned above, the price of Lifree diapers is extremely affordable and therefore people with all budgets can afford them. These diapers are also available in both online and offline stores.

About the company
With the mission to extend a healthy life expectancy of the elderly through the promotion of self care to support daily life such as excretion, meal, getting-up, bathing and travelling, Lifree was introduced. The main goal of Lifree is to keep the elderly stay motivated even as they suffer from various health difficulties such as urinary incontinence. They have introduced the best diapers in India which are created keeping in mind the specific needs of the care receiver which is mostly the older adults. Over the last few years, Lifree has successfully maintained the number 1 position in the pant style adult diaper category because of its continuous efforts and innovation derived from audience insights and the needs of its customers.