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Omnia Group, an employment assessment company specializing in hiring and professional development, has just released their first annual Talent Trends Report. After a very trying few years for many companies, Omnia surveyed over 150 companies in order to provide the public with information that could help them sustain and progress their talent force for years to come. Titled Recharge Your Talent Strategy in 2022: Decoding Critical Talent Strategy & Development Trends, the goal of this report is to empower employers by giving a more in-depth look at what is really going on within successful companies.

We have all experienced a season of adapting and changing in our careers over the past few years. The employers who recognized the changes and adapted accordingly are the ones that came out on top. Omnia wants to ensure you’re on the right track towards success by providing you with many insights, facts, and figures to help you recharge your people strategy for 2022. If you want to build a team that performs at their highest capacity, we recommend reading this report and implementing the content directly into your company’s growth strategy.

Omnia surveyed representatives who hold key positions in business growth, such as Sales, HR, Operations, and Administration. They combined these survey responses and observations with research published by industry experts to create a top-notch report, full of valuable information for any entrepreneur looking to retain talent and scale their business. The Omnia Group’s CEO, Heather Caswell says, “We wanted to gather as much information as possible from the people who help grow businesses out in front and behind the scenes.” The easy-to-read format of this report really helps you to focus on what’s important and keep your mind on track.

Now, more than ever, leaders in 2022 must ensure they are aware of the changes happening around them and shift their talent strategies accordingly. Successfully selecting candidates for the right roles can help increase your retention rates and lead your business towards success. Omnia teams up with their clients to build assessments that are personalized for their specific needs. Heather says, “In order to build a successful business, you have to start with building the people.” Keeping their clients focused on that is what gives them the advantage in their industry.

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife, John and Heather Caswell, Omnia was one of the first to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace and quickly became one of the most relied on pre-employment and developmental assessment companies in the U.S. Omnia takes pride in their ability to hire and retain their own employees through effectively using their assessments during their hiring and development processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Omnia, you can visit or contact their team at or by calling 800-525-7117.

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