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Starting a business is not the only difficult task but only the beginning of an ongoing process. Keeping your business alive is a feat and a lot of companies do not have the expertise required to grow their business into a success. To have a successful business, people need not only expertise to identify growth opportunities but also in-depth knowledge about their target audience. To boost a company’s marketing strategies, people often take the help of experts like Persuade.

Persuade is Jared Koning’s brainchild that has existed since 2017. When it comes to marketing and educational media, Koning is a specialist with several years of experience. Persuade grew manifold after its initial launch and is now considered one of the renowned lead generation partners in the South African region. Currently, Persuade handles the marketing and lead generation responsibilities for the 30 most trusted brands in South Africa. But what makes Persuade the best choice for any business can be determined through the following information;

• The company is an expert in creating simple yet effective campaigns to help scale clients’ businesses. The noteworthy aspect of each of Persuade’s marketing campaigns is the understanding of human psychology which they utilize to drive retention. It’s a widely known fact that unless you understand human psychology you would be unknown to the ways it could help your business.

• The team of Persuade consists of marketing experts and a veteran founder who ensures that each and every client received the best results. One of the goals of Persuade is also to ensure that their client’s in-house sales team is fully equipped to handle important deals and closes a majority of them easily. Being a data-driven company has helped Persuade cover a lot of different types of brands and fulfil their business needs.

• In 2020, when businesses around the world were at a crumbling stage with extremely low conversions, companies like Persuade helped locally well-established brands with their effective human-to-human prospecting solutions. Almost all of the clients of Persuade experienced sales growth and business goal met in the year 2021 as the company built an R140 million pipeline of closable deals for their clients.

• The strategic planning and client success for all ongoing campaigns are directly overseen by the company’s chief success office Jared Koning who has substantial expertise in making the marketing technology work to drive sales. To know more, visit

About Persuade:
Persuade is an experienced sales partner company that is active in the South African region to help grow the sales pipeline of a plethora of different businesses in record time and with data-driven results. Lead generation, market research, and other services are Persuade’s speciality.