5 Signs it’s Time to Find a New Real Estate Agent Bexley

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It can be overwhelming for first-time home sellers and buyers to choose the right real estate agent Bexley. Many people have family, friends, and neighbours that are licensed and the temptation to use someone you already know is strong.

Sometimes that’s the right decision as well. Other times, however, choosing a real estate agent without doing your homework can create frustration and disappointment. Following are 5 red flags it’s time to find a new agent:

Communication Issues
If you find that your real estate agent is not responsive and you have difficulty getting them to return your emails or calls, it’s time to get a new agent. Since it’s their business to help clients and considering how they make their money, being too busy means they don’t have time for you.

There’s a Lack of Guidance
Since real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the property market, the information your agent can provide could be essential. However, if you feel your agent is not offering proper guidance or they aren’t helping you in the right way, then perhaps it’s time to find someone else. Spending some time finding a professional dedicated to helping you is much better than being undersold at the lack of guidance you are receiving.

The Agent is Disorganized
If your real estate agent always seems to forget paperwork, miss deadlines, or run late, they may just be very disorganized. Maybe this is the result of having too little time or too many clients. Regardless, a good agent will always practice professional behaviour and treat their clients with the utmost respect. No home seller or buyer wants to be caught on closing day with an overlooked detail or a missing document.

Lack of Exposure
People nowadays look for properties for sale on the internet. So, as a home seller, you need to make sure that your real estate agent is listing your property on their website in a competitive and favourable light. Apart from this, they should also be advertising your property on major online property portals. Does the agent send out regular marketing emails? Are they using social media? These are some of the basics of marketing a property these days. If your real estate agent is not using every channel to market your property effectively, you should find a new one.

Your property Isn’t Selling
If you have too few or no viewings every week, you should ask your agent why. Ask if they can do anything to remedy this and make sure they provide you with sufficient and correct guidance. After all, you are paying your agent to sell your property. If their efforts are not yielding desirable results, you should know why and how they plan to fix the situation. While it’s true that selling a property takes time, you need to make sure that your real estate agent is doing everything they can to sell it promptly. If, despite all their efforts, your property is still not shifting, then you should consider changing the agent.

Look for the signs listed above to determine whether it’s time to abandon the ship. You can also use these guidelines to make sure that you hire the best agent possible.

Hiring the right real estate agent Bexley is crucial whether buying or selling a property. Working with one that is less than desirable will only lead to frustration and disappointment.