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Corresponding to his best treatment his patients received at his independently run clinic in Jaora Compound Dr Taore Building, Indore known as “Cardiac Care Clinic” due to his much demand for availability there was another happy news for the patients holding Ayushmaan Bharat Card. Recently due to the widespread Covid-19 pandemic and un-availability of proper arrangements in most of the cardiac healthcare hospitals for the needy and less privileged members of the society, Dr. Khare, cardiologist in Indore has taken steps to help them relax and Opt for a hassle free surgery. He has devoted more than 20 yrs of his services rendering to the needs of the heart patients. Treatment for the any heart disease comes with a price. A simple surgery usually costs about Rs 90k-1Lac or more including the ward charges for an average Hospital. Not all can afford it. Keeping in mind this kind of situation, Dr. Rajeev Khare has offered to provide help to those who have Ayushmaan Card.

Ayushmaan Card provides healthcare and post-surgery daycare access to the card holder. It also provides assistance to the health issues like pre-existing illnesses. Since it covers many medical packages provided by Public and Private Hospitals, people get benefited by it. “I am happy to receive treatment by the top cardiologist in Indore at a very fair amount including the ward charges. My family was relieved when they got the bill”, said a patient who had recently undergone a successful heart surgery by top cardiologist Dr. Rajeev Khare.

In a recent Interview with Dr. Rajeev Khare cardiologist, Indore he remembered those days when he had seen many under privileged family members would go untreated fearing the costs that would come with heart treatment. He then passionately pursued his graduation from the esteemed Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Indore (1993), where he had also completed his undergraduate (MBBS) studies in 1989. Later he received rigorous training in non-invasive and invasive cardiology at King George Medical University and got the title DM Cardiology. He has performed over 10,000 angiographies and more than 3,000 angioplasties in the past two decades. He started his practice at hospitals in Cloth Market, Sai Baba Hospital, Gokul Das Hospital, Vishesh Hospital and many more.

About Company:

At Cardiac Care Clinic, they provide highly professional, sensitive, and personalized care. As a result, all of his patients become part of the Cardiac Care Clinic family, and they are continuously striving to achieve their main goal that is to “deliver quality care in courteous, respectful and compassionate manner possible”.