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If you are one of those buddies who postpone their vacation because of the constant workload. Doing this can make you struggle with burnout. Nobody wishes to hamper their physical and mental health. If you want to evade health issues, it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle and go on vacations. You can experience tours of Croatia. You will find the best tours for Dubrovnik with just a click at Kajan Experience. We make sure that you will have the best time of your life. You will get so many opportunities to make memories that you will cherish for your entire lifetime. Specialized in Adriatic cruises, yacht charter and private tours in Croatia, we present our guests a unique blend of options from small ship experience to luxury yacht cruises in Croatia. We organize and offer private tours in Croatia with customized land Experiences including the Dubrovnik region. Our focus it towards smaller groups and individuals. Feel free to know more by calling at + 385 91 2391685.

Kajan Experience travel agency makes a constant effort to allow a single traveler an opportunity to truly experience places and the people in a destination. This is how we customize our travel experiences for our travelers. Our ultimate aim with every guest is to guarantee that you get an authentic and inspirational „Experience” while being and traveling with us on one of our discoveries. Our focus it towards smaller groups and individuals. If you want to go one of the tours in Croatia, then feel free to get in touch with us. We are well aware of the fact that every person together with every experience of any kind is always a new and different. Based on that fact we are committed to a personalized strategy with our expertise, experience, and knowledge. We are devoted to be transparent and responsible with our guests. We accomplish our services in an accurate and quality manner.

Our mission is to deliver an Experience (big E is on purpose), not just a product of the destination to all of our travelers in a professional, educational, interesting, and always friendly & casual way. And this is a goal when designing and personalizing any of our present and future private tours of Croatia. Our Dubrovnik local guide helps you explore this city efficiently. Together with our associates and partners, we allow travelers to experience the real places and people of the destination. And the best part is that our tours will not disrupt your budget. We hold more than 15 years of experience in this industry. Our expertise and experience help us offer the best to you.

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