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Are you sick of waking up feeling exhausted? Are you struggling to stay focused throughout the day and feel a hindering lack of energy? With the help of Rise Science’s RISE app, you can finally get back on track with your sleep schedule and wake up every day feeling refreshed!

Designed to help you get the rest you need to feel energetic throughout the day, the company’s app will reveal whether or not you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Because studies have conclusively shown that the amount of sleep one gets directly impacts their mood, health, and productivity, it’s imperative for you to correct your unhealthy sleep patterns.

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Rise Science’s RISE app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The application is based on the two laws of sleep science – sleep debt and circadian rhythm. Sleep debt determines how much sleep your body is owed while the circadian rhythm helps to predict your daily energy schedule.

According to recent research, the average American gets only five and a half hours of sleep per day, which shows that most Americans are severely sleep-deprived. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults sleep a minimum of seven hours each night. Many people will find they need much more than that to be their best and RISE will tell them what that number is. The company’s website explains the application uses information from your phone as well as your wearable tech devices, if you wear them. Based on what your data reveals, RISE will let you know how much sleep you need, your sleep debt, and your ideal bedtime.

What makes the app unique is that it bases its recommendations on your unique sleep biology, making the application fully customized to you. If interested, you can try it for free for 7 days. Rise Science created its RISE app with the aid of almost 100 years of scientific sleep research. According to the company experts, users can begin noticing the app’s benefits within as little as 5 to 6 days.

A satisfied user said: “I really like this app. For the first time, I actually feel a real motivation to get more sleep on a regular basis because I want to see my sleep debt go down! The information about energy peaks and dips and melatonin windows is also extremely helpful and very accurate.”

RISE will help you make the most out of each day by ensuring you’re always fully rested – try it today!
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