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If you’re suffering from decaying, broken or lost teeth, don’t put up with smile anxiety and pain any longer. Thanks to Natural Smile Dental St Heliers, you can enjoy flawless and strong pearly whites for years to come. Their new mini implants use the latest in dental technology to provide you with the same functional and aesthetic benefits as traditional implants in a far shorter timeframe and with far less inconvenience.

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The recent troubling figures from Otago University and the NZ Dental Association revealed that by the age of 38, Kiwis will have lost, on average, up to 2.5 teeth due to tooth decay. If your tooth has been lost or pulled, it can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and move, which typically exposes your teeth to decay and in the longer term can lead to a loss of bone structure and integrity in your jaw, bite problems and more. As such, Natural Smile Dental is proud to offer you its new mini implants. Unlike conventional implants which need to be placed beneath your gums, and require a more invasive surgical process and multiple treatment sessions at the dentist, mini implants are – true to their name – significantly smaller and can be placed in just one visit under local anaesthesia.

According to the New Zealand Health Survey, 42% of adults have an unmet need for dental care due to its prohibitive cost, with a single-tooth implant often costing up to $30,000. Natural Smile Dental wants to advocate that its mini implant services are also more cost-effective. Moreover, the clinic is currently offering you price packages that combine the cost of the implant itself with that of the ceramic or porcelain crown that will be placed on top of it in order to create a pleasing aesthetic finish to your treatment. If you do not meet the physical criteria for mini implants, the dentists continue to fit conventional implants. In the case that more serious intervention is required, they can also assist you with dental bridges. Natural Smile Dental St Heliers is a top-rated dental clinic that serves St Heliers as well as Glendowie, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Orakei, Meadowbank and St Johns. In addition to its implants services, the clinic is available for both preventative care and aesthetic treatments, including standard clean and checks, crowns, veneers, tooth whitening and Invisalign. A spokesperson for the dentist said, “We pride ourselves on offering affordable dental implants and crowns that provide permanent, functional and natural-looking teeth.”

You only get one set of teeth. Look after them right and you’ll have something to smile about for the rest of your life.

Don’t let your smile and oral health languish, instead visit and have the expert team at Natural Smile Dental talk to you about your implant options.