Award-Winning SMP’s Chris Herrera Remains a Cut Above the Rest in the Hair Loss Industry

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Kensington, Maryland – Hair loss can deliver a deep psychological blow to anyone’s self-respect. But through the award-winning Chris Herrera and Don Whyte of SMP, they are not only rejuvenating hairlines but helping to hand back that respect to the client.

Chris, who has over 19 years’ experience as a barber, launched Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), in Kensington, MD six years ago, and has worked on more than 4,000 satisfied clients, making him one of the most sought after scalp micropigmentation artists on the East Coast.

Chris brought Don Whyte onto the team, and together they have become two of the industry’s foremost scalp micropigmentation artists and helped set SMP apart from the rest of the local hair specialist sector.

Chris started as a barber when he was 16 but quickly realized he wanted to do much more – he wanted to help people look and feel better about themselves. When he turned 18, Chris started losing his hair, so he always had to wear hats and tried all types of creams and dyes to cover the baldness. Nothing helped until he found scalp micropigmentation.

When Don first heard of the results of scalp micropigmentation, he knew this was something special. As a practitioner, he too battled thinning hair and a receding hairline but finally decided to have scalp micropigmentation done on his scalp.

Because of their experiences, both understand their clients and can give them the same feeling of joy and the boost of confidence they receive from having a fuller look of hair. SMP offers high-quality professional hair treatment services, including scalp micropigmentation, Alopecia areata, and others.

Throughout the years, Chris has been in business, the popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation has grown, and SMP is now seen as one of the leading reputable hair loss centers worldwide.

Scalp Micropigmentation MD has also won international awards, even when pitched against other world-class artists. They are members of the Microbeau Elite PRO Team, and amassed more 5 star Google reviews than any other SMP company in the world.

“Going bald is a sensitive topic for most, especially men. While some do have a serious affinity with their once-thick locks, for most people, it’s the visible reminder of years gone by and no longer recoverable that gives them the feeling of unease,” said Chris. “If you are seriously looking into hair loss service, don’t worry because you are not alone! We’ve got you covered!”

Their team is fully licensed and certified, and their methods are effective, quick to perform and cost-effective to enable more people to take advantage of the services. They also use organic and vegan-friendly pigments

“We can determine where your hair loss is and where it will be years down the road. So, with our knowledge, you can be rest assured our work will last a long time,” confirmed Chris, adding his team only uses the best equipment available to achieve results beyond client expectations.

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