AVTODOM KTM and the Evolution Company launched a motorcycle-leasing program

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Evolution provides leasing services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs without collateral period of 12 to 37 months. The minimum documents is required for this. The payment schedule is calculated individually, based on the capabilities of the client.

In May 2022, AVTODOM KTM Khimki registered the sale of the first motorcycle on lease. The KTM 300 EXC Six Days was the first motorcycle issued to a customer under the program. The dealership has already completed three leasing transactions now.

“We are constantly improving services and developing new motorcycle ownership schemes for the convenience of our customers together with partners. The leasing program provides motorcyclists unique opportunities: VAT refund, vehicle tax exemption, accelerated depreciation. These options make motorcycles more affordable through leasing in the current situation of uncertainty in the world and in the country. This product will save time and budget for our customers who own their own business, due to the reduction of the tax base,” – said Dmitry Smolyakov, head of the import department of AVTODOM KTM, the official distributor of KTM motorcycles in Russia.

The leasing program has advantages over lending. The leasing company is the owner of the motorcycle issued under this program. In this case, the payments are included in the cost of production. These reduce the taxable base of the company, the VAT accrued upon purchase is returned to it. Motorcyclists do not have to pay road tax. The owner-lessor pays it. An accelerated depreciation rate is applied to property registered under this program. Therefore, the motorcycle can be fully depreciated by the time the client decides to buy it out of lease. This exempts the biker from property tax upon redemption. In the case of leasing, you can distribute payments so that they fall on the period of maximum profit, if the business is seasonal.

“I am glad to present our new leasing program, which we offer in partnership with LK Evolution and AVTODOM KTM. I want to note that it is more profitable for individual entrepreneurs and business owners to use a leasing product for registration of motorcycles than to buy motorcycles on credit. It is nice that KTM customers have already appreciated the benefits of this way of purchasing a motorcycle. Interest in the program is growing. We are pleased to introduce it to motorcyclists,” – said Evgeniy Kovalev, senior specialist for work with importers of the LK Evolution.

KTM produces the highest quality off-road and road motorbikes in bright orange. The company was founded in 1953. It is one of the market leaders in Russia, where it has been present since 2007. Now the production of motorbikes is carried out in Austria and India. Each model goes through uncompromising stages of development and testing in real conditions and in sports competitions.

AVTODOM became the exclusive distributor of KTM motorcycles in Russia at the end of 2020. The company’s plans updating brand standards and expanding the dealer network. AVTODOM attracts reliable partners with successful experience in the motorcycle industry.

Evolution provides legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with a wide range of leasing programs: for motorcycles, cars, special equipment, trucks. The company is expanding its offerings. It cooperates with partners and participates in federal projects. The Evolution network has 51 representative offices in 34 Russian cities.