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Recent advancements in body contouring surgery and developments in techniques and technologies for getting rid of stubborn body fats have never been more popular than today. Furtherance in body rejuvenation plastic surgery has inspired many men and women to seek the advice of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian shafa at Pacific Rejuvenation Medical. At Pacific Rejuvenation, Dr. Brian offers three latest lipo service innovations: large volume lipo or lipo 360, lipo sculpting, and High Definition lipo. Let’s stay along the lines to explore about lipo360 or 360 liposuctions.

What is Lipo360°?

Lipo360 is a specialized liposuction procedure to remove excess fats from the abdominal region, also known as 360° liposuction or circumferential liposuction. The 360-degree technique is developed in standard liposuction procedures to remove fats from the abdomen, waist, love handles, and mid and lower back. While doing the comprehensive contouring of the mid-section, Dr. Brian does a critical evaluation of the patient physique and considers the natural cuts to produce more proportionate, svelte, and aesthetically appealing results. After getting circumferential liposuction, you would have a leaner, smoother, and contoured abdominal region, flanks, and back. Before getting into the treatment process, it is essential to know that lipo360 is not a weight loss surgery. Instead, it is a surgical method of sculpting or treating stubborn fat pockets resistant to diet and exercise.

Who is an Ideal candidate for Lipo360°?

– Patients in good physical health with no underlying diseases may benefit from fat reduction and body contouring through lipo360.
– You may undergo liposuction 360 if diet and workout are not making a difference in getting an ideal trimmed, and slim physique.
– If you have localized fat regions, good skin elasticity, and a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or less, you are a good candidate for lipo360.
– Lipo360 is also the last hope for those not getting the desired outcomes from noninvasive and non-surgical ways of fat reduction such as cool sculpting, smart lipo, or other aesthetic means of fat reduction.


The process of Lipo360 does not involve general anesthesia; Iv sedation may serve the purpose in many patients to reduce the discomfort of the surgical procedure. Before getting into the surgical protocol, your first meeting with Dr. Brian is essential for making recommendations about your desired curves and shapes in a more natural-looking manner. Vacuum suction is used to target fat extraction from the mid-section of your body and all around the circumference at three hundred- and sixty-degrees angles. Dr. Brain Shafa uses special techniques to maintain your body’s natural curves and produce more dramatic yet natural-looking and aesthetically appealing outcomes. You may also get customized treatments such as lasers to help melt fats and tighten the loose skin that fats leave behind.

Results and Recovery after Lipo360°

Like any other surgical procedure, you will need to follow post-operative care and guidelines provided by your surgeon. The downtime associated with lipo360 is minimal, and you may resume your routine activities within a few days after the procedure. Your body will need some time to heal naturally, so be prepared to stay away from strenuous activities for a few weeks after lipo360.

You may be able to recognize the results immediately after surgery, but the noticeable effects will be seen several weeks after surgery. For more information on Pacific Rejuvenation Medical’s possibilities, book your initial consultation with Dr. Brian Shafa and share your vision of the ideal body and desired contours.