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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is an extract of the hemp plant. Unlike its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the “active ingredient” in marijuana, CBD does not cause euphoria–you don’t get high from ingesting it. What it does do, among other beneficial things, is promote relaxation and ease pain. Millions of people across the United States are now safely using CBD for these purposes, commonly via “gummies” and other candies, and CBD possession and use are legal under Federal law since 2018. It’s fully legal in Colorado too.

Now Zen’d Out Massage Spa in Denver is offering CBD oil with any of the therapeutic massages they perform. Zen’d Out is unusual in two important ways. The first is the spa’s focus on couples; couples receive their treatments, tailored to their individual relaxation needs, side by side, which the spa therapists say can provide a bonding experience. Zen’d Out is also distinctive in the comprehensiveness of their approaches, including traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue and sports massage, and reflexology. All the massage therapists at Zen’d Out are trained and experienced in a variety of modalities and techniques, including yoga and shiatsu, and can combine them fluidly to provide their clients with maximum benefit.

Maria Acuna, Zen’d Out’s owner and senior massage therapist, is excited about bringing CBD oil to her spa’s practice. “Now that legal restrictions are off CBD,” she says, “scientific studies are confirming new benefits all the time.” She notes that CBD is a valuable addition to any modality Zen’d Out offers here in Denver, but is especially beneficial with the more intensive forms like deep tissue work and sports massage, where loosening tight muscles and connective tissue may cause pain—or where the client may already be experiencing pain from a chronically contracted muscle segment, such as in the neck. “Pain relief and relaxation form a positive loop: the less pain in the tissue, the more easily it can relax, and the more it relaxes, the less it hurts,” Ms. Acuna explains. CBD oil, because it both relaxes and eases pain, uniquely supports this “virtuous cycle.”

“But not all CBD oils are equal,” Ms. Acuna points out. The hemp plant is what’s called a bioaccumulator—it retains toxins from its environment. So, purifying the CBD extract properly is especially important, even when the hemp is organically grown. At the same time, though, the oil should be “full spectrum,” which means that along with cannabidiol, it contains biochemicals like terpenes that enhance its effect. Zen’d Out CBD Massage Oil more than meets these criteria. “We think it’s the best CBD oil available,’ Ms. Acuna says, “and we’re proud to offer it to our massage client couples here in Denver.”

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